MUST SEE: Adorable video of baby trying to outcrawl puppies

MUST SEE: Adorable video of baby trying to outcrawl puppies

Louie and his pug pals will surely brighten your day! Watch the video and find out why it's gone viral!

In case you missed it due to other huge, groundbreaking news stories...this must see video has been spreading like wildfire!

What's got the internet in hysteria this time? An absolutely adorable video of Louie Flynn in his family's backyard trying to outcrawl a swarm of pug puppies!

Take look for yourself:


The video was posted by Louie's mother, Lynne, just a few days ago and has since gone viral. As a result, people have been exposed to her Instagram account that can only be described as "cuteness overload"!

If the video above isn't enough proof of just how adorable Louie and his pug pals are, check out some of this convincing evidence:



Okay, so not everyone may find pugs as adorable as I do, but there's no denying that little Louie is as cute as can be! He and his pug puppy friends are nearly inseparable and have had the internet going crazy for the past few days.



Good morning!! ????????Hope everyone has a lovely day and the sun keeps shining! ????????????????

A photo posted by ????Pugsnkisses84???? (@pugsnkisses84) on


Here we see him and one of his furry friends soaking up the sun! These two are ready for summer and are ready for their 15 minutes of fame!



Tuesday morning chilling with baby Mac! ❤️????

A photo posted by ????Pugsnkisses84???? (@pugsnkisses84) on


After the week of social media exposure these guys have had, it's no wonder why they look so worn out here! Enjoy your leisure time, guys! We look forward to more adorable pictures in the near future!

Check out Lynne's Instagram Account for more absolutely precious videos and pictures of Louie and his best pals!

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