Mums hilariously share what it's REALLY like to be pregnant

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"You know you're pregnant when getting out of bed actually means rolling out of bed.” — Daviane

Pregnancy is a wild time and experience for a woman. It's essentially nine consecutive months of physical and emotional struggles and pains. Sure, those hectic nine months culminate in a child that you'll love and adore forever, but the journey to get there can be summed up in a few words: beautiful and horrifying!

Along the way you'll encounter the different stages of pregnancy. The first stage, is the first trimester. Otherwise know n as the "barely pregnant" stage. The second, is the second trimester. Otherwise known as the "cute pregnant" stage. Finally, and most cumbersome of all, comes the third trimester. Otherwise known as the "REALLY pregnant" stage!


In absolute hilarious fashion, Babble aimed to encapsulate the feeling of being in the "REALLY pregnant" stage. To do so, they asked dozens of different mums what it's like to be in the third trimester. the results were absolutely hysterical!

Check out the list and let us know if you can relate, mums!

You know you’re REALLY pregnant when ...

“You’ve outgrown your regular underwear. They’re made of stretchy material and should fit no matter what, but NOPE.” — Lauren 

“Even shoes — the one item of clothing you could always count on — stop looking cute, because you’re big EVERYWHERE.” — Caitlin

“The most important part of your daily “uniform” becomes a panty liner, because coughing or sneezing can become a serious wardrobe hazard. The struggle is real.” — Emma

“Your belly becomes your TV tray.” — Karissa

“You drop something on the floor and don’t even bother to pick it up, you just leave it. Meh, someone will get it eventually.” — Kristel

“When labor doesn’t scare you anymore — you just want it to happen so you’re not pregnant anymore.” — Teresa

“When even your maternity clothes are too snug.” — Laura


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“When you have to sit down and take breaks like an old lady every half hour. Also, when walking uphill totally wipes you out.” — Natalie

“You don’t mind going out in public in your husband’s clothing … and ‘dressing up’ is nice sweats and one of his shirts that you haven’t dropped food on.” — Dorinda

“When lifting your foot to put on underwear or pants is excruciating.” — Jessica

“When getting out of bed actually means rolling out of bed.” — Daviane

“Your vagina feels bigger than your butt.” — Summer

“You start crying … for no reason at all.” — Laura

“Your older kids say, ‘Is that baby ever coming out of your belly?'” — Gretchen

“You scope out parking spots that are next to medians so no one parks too close and you can’t get out of the car.” — Brynn

“Your coworkers move your desk into the bathroom because the majority of your time is spent there anyway.” — Amy

“You completely give up on shoes with laces.” — Faye

“You are hungry, but can’t eat another bite because you’ll throw up because baby is taking up too much room.” — Lacy

“The first thing people say whenever they see you is, ‘You’re still pregnant?!'” — Meagan

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