Mums, here is everything you need to know about infant formula

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Gone are the days you stood around at the supermarket looking lost when it comes to buying the right infant formula for your little one. This go-to guide is everything you need to know.

Becoming a new parent means having to adapt to many changes. Sometimes, you may not be sure where to turn to find all the information you need on a particular topic. theAsianparent presents to you the ultimate (credible) guide to choosing the right infant formula for your baby!

Mum's ultimate Guide on Choosing Infant Formula

Step1: How old is your little one? Choose a group based on your child's age. 0-6 months, 6-12 months, <12 months. 

Step2: Which type of formula should you choose? Choose a stage that your child belongs to. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

Step 3: Key nutrients to look out for

Step 4: How to choose a brand

Step 5: Let's compare 5 stages of step 1 and 2 formula available in Singapore

Note of caution: 

If your baby has allergies or special nutritional needs, consult a doctor for advice on specialised formula. 

Want to know more mum? For detailed nutritional information on all the 8 infant formula brands available in Singapore, pleas refer to this guide. 

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Sarah Voon