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The CEO of a multi-million dollar company and a stay-at-home mum, globally acclaimed jewellery designer Kendra Scott shares how she tackled challenges to emerge as a successful mum-entrepreneur.

Mumpreneur Kendra Scott

Mumpreneur Kendra Scott on how she brought her humble compamy to become an international brand

Think successful businesses, high-powered CEOs and risk-taking entrepreneurs — do you think of a mum in relation to that? Mother of two boys, mumpreneur Kendra Scott has forced many into a paradigm shift with her huge business successes amidst staying at home with her sons, whom she believes are her “first priority”.

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Humble roots

When Ms Scott was 19, she started her own business in an online hat company and two retail stores called “The Hat Box”, catering headwear for chemotherapy patients. However, things did not go smoothly and the business wound up after five years. Although she tasted first-hand how tough the challenges of entrepreneurship were, Ms Scott refused to give up and was determined to make a comeback.

Her presently multi-million-dollar jewellery design company had its humble inception when an idea that came to her while she was pregnant with her first child. Ms Scott then made the enterprising move towards a jewellery design company after having much hands-on creating her own trinkets in the course of her pregnancy.

When she decided to start her own business, Ms Scott was a new mum living with her first son and unemployed husband. Nevertheless, she took the risk of a USD$500 capital and a whole lot of conviction to set up Kendra Scott Design in her own spare room at home.

However, she was faced with numerous roadblocks and discouraging comments on how she would “never make it” initially. In the face of all the negativity, Ms Scott pressed on resiliently as she believed in what she was doing.

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Kendra Scott Jewellery's humble beginnings that grew into a multi-million-dollar project

Kendra Scott Jewellery’s humble beginnings that grew into a multi-million-dollar project

Gradual recognition

Starting out slowly by persuading local stores to sell her designs, Ms Scott’s efforts gradually paid off when major department stores in America started carrying her label. Soon after, the business took flight and long hours of hard work and perseverance tasted the sweet hues of success.

Today, Kendra Scott Designs are sold in 800 stores internationally, and has expanded to become a women’s staple, with many Hollywood celebs favouring its stylish and chic jewellery designs. While savouring her well-deserved success, Ms Scott doesn’t forget the less fortunate and her company is known to work extremely closely with several non-profit organisations.

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Mum entrepreneur Kendra Scott set up Kendra Scott Design from scratch

Mum entrepreneur Kendra Scott set up Kendra Scott Design from scratch

“A thrill and a dream come true”

Loving her job because it doesn’t feel like work but a passion instead, Ms Scott cherishes how she gets to be part of her children’s life even while managing the company. As she juggles between the two very demanding positions, she appreciates she can do the two things she loves together — spending time with her family and making jewellery.

When she’s not with her family, Ms Scott invests her blood and sweat into her company, which regularly participates in philanthropic projects. Family values also hold a sacred place as one of the company’s core values, with its fifty odd employees enjoying job flexibility that every working mum craves.

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The importance of family

The CEO, president and founder of Kendra Scott Design, Ms Scott most importantly considers herself a mum before anything else. Explaining that she created the company because it gave her flexibility to be a stay-at–home mum, Ms Scott is truly a mumpreneur, a woman whom Investopedia defines as one who runs their own business and is a full-time mum at the same time.

As the number of mumpreneurs continue on its exponential rise, perhaps it’s time for us in Singapore to also ditch last generation’s stifling mindsets on women and embrace the new era of working mums who create their own destinies.

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