Grieving mum's warning about baby blankets after her son's tragic accident

Grieving mum's warning about baby blankets after her son's tragic accident

After her infant son's heartbreaking baby blanket death, this mum has an important warning about safe bedding. Parents, please read this!

The most common baby items may carry risks for our little ones, and tragically, we often don't realise these dangers until it's too late.

This brave mum is sharing the devastating story of her tot's tragic demise with us so that, hopefully, no other mum need go through the same heartbreak. 

"You never think it will be your baby"

In a heartrending Facebook post*, mum of two Jordan DeRosier shared how her son became fatally entangled in his sleeping blanket. 

Seven-month-old Sloan had been put to bed with his favourite grey blanket. When his mum went to check on him, she found that he had pulled the blanket through the cot rails, with his head stuck in it.

"He was last laid down to bed with this blanket made by his great-great grandmother, and one other blanket, a grey one he had been attached to since birth," she wrote.  

"They took the grey one he had been found with his head in. He had pulled it through the crib rails somehow and gotten himself stuck in it."

"You never think it will happen to you. You never think it will be your baby. Please do not put your babies to bed with a blanket. Please."

"He was seven months old, I thought because he was crawling, standing on his own, and climbing, that he would be fine with a blanket."

Jordan wrote that she wanted to warn all parents about this preventable tragedy. "This is the face of immense, unfathomable grief, the face of longing, of heartbreak, of self inflicted GUILT."

"I will NEVER stop feeling responsible. I will relive this for the rest of my life knowing EXACTLY what I could have done differently. Please learn from my world shattering mistake."

Our hearts break for this mum and her family. Thank you for taking the selfless step of sharing this story publicly, and we grief for your loss along with you.

Safe bedding for babies

Little Sloan's tragedy was no one's fault — no mum should ever feel guilty for such an unforeseeable and dreadful accident. Experts, however, do have some advice for parents when putting baby in the cot.

Grieving mum's warning about baby blankets after her son's tragic accident

Ensure a firm, flat sleeping space: Tots should not be put to sleep on soft material, loose bedding, cushions, or even stuffed toys, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) advises. These are unnecessary and may cover baby's face as they sleep.

No pillows, sheets, or blankets: Anything that could obstruct your baby's breathing or cause overheating should be removed, recommends the American Academy of Paediatrics. 

No car seats: Even when travelling, car seats or infant carriers should not double as a makeshift sleeping space, say CPS experts.

Use an infant sleeping bag: The best sleeping place for your baby is a safe infant sleeping bag, recommends Red Nose, a research foundation for sudden infant death. This bag is specially-designed for tots, with a fitted neck and armholes.

*The original Facebook post has been taken down for privacy/ personal reasons. Our hearts go out to Sloan's parents, who are grieving for the loss of their little boy. 

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