Mum hopes to find biological parents of China-born son before he goes blind

Mum hopes to find biological parents of China-born son before he goes blind

This mum wants her baby boy to see his real parents while he still can.

This mum travelled from the United States to Shanghai, in a race against time where she hopes to find the biological parents of her adopted son before he goes blind.

The Straits Times reported on Ms Molly Sano and her 3-year-old son Bennett who flew from Seattle to Shanghai on 11 January (Monday) after doctors back in the United States say that her child will lose his eyesight by the age of 20.

The 3-year-old was recently diagnosed with Usher syndrome, also known as retinitis pigmentosa-dysacusis syndrome, a rare and incurable genetic disorder will rob him of his eyesight.



"We just hope that he can see his biological parents with his own eyes, creating special visual memories of them before he loses his vision"

-Ms Sano


Bennett, whose Chinese name is Long Miao, was abandoned in a Ningbo neighbourhood back in 2012. A note was left stating that, "We don't know what else to do. We're too poor to bring him up. We hope someone can help him."

In the note, it mentioned that the child was born deaf.

The child was taken to a home managed by Enmei Children Welfare Association until Ms Sano, a sign-language interpreter and her deaf husband adopted him in February 2014.

The mum of 2 commented, "We just knew he was the son we'd been waiting for - even without looking at his file. He's the most beautiful boy I've ever seen," expanding the family to 4, together with Ms Sano's daughter, who is only a month older than Bennett.

2 years in Seattle was enough for Bennett to confidently communicate using American sign language.


While most parents let their child have the final say in deciding whether to meet their biological parents, Ms Sano remarked that Bennett does not have the luxury of time.

The mum commented that "If we wait for another 10 years, then all of the people who may remember when and where Bennett was found or born will be retired".

Having spent the past few weeks contacting the authorities and hospitals in Ningbo for leads, she now heads to the Enmei Children Welfare Association as well as surrounding communities to continue the search.

We at theAsianparent wish Ms Sano and Bennett all the best in finding his biological parents!

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Tay Siew Ming

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