Mum Slowly Going Blind After Using Expired Eye Makeup

Mum Slowly Going Blind After Using Expired Eye Makeup

After using 20-year-old expired makeup, one mum shares that it is causing her to go blind. She will soon completely lose her vision!

Like most things we use, makeup too has an expiry date These dates vary for the type of makeup you use, but as a general rule, it’s very important to follow these dates. This is because using expired makeup can have disastrous health consequences, as one mum found out the hard way. 

Expired Makeup Caused this Mum to Go Blind

Shirley Potter, a 50-year-old mum from Australia, shares that she wasn’t even aware that makeup had an expiration date. She explains that she went out with her daughters and decided to wear makeup for the first time in years.

Shirley shared that the trouble started the next day when her husband saw how red her eyes were. Shortly after, she complained of pain in both of her eyes.

Mum Slowly Going Blind After Using Expired Eye Makeup

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She shared that doctors initially dismissed her claims, but an ophthalmologist discovered that she had an infection in both her eyes. 

“He asked me directly if I’d been using old or out-of-date makeup,” she said. “I told him I’d used makeup on our family night out which had been in the press for some time.”

And since she didn’t wear makeup regularly, it wasn’t something that she was aware of.

Sadly, there’s no cure for Shirley’s eye problems, and doctors have told her she could go completely blind within the next three years. “Specialists advise me I will lose my eyesight completely within the next three years which is such a frightening prospect,” she recounts. 

Makeup Safety Tips!

Mum Slowly Going Blind After Using Expired Eye Makeup

Image source: iStock

Mums, here are some tips you need to remember whenever you apply makeup in order to keep your skin safe and to avoid infection!

  • Always wash your hands before applying makeup in order to avoid infection.
  • Follow the expiration date on the container. 
  • Avoid sharing makeup with another person.
  • Store your makeup properly, in a cool, dry place.
  • Don’t use old applicators. Bacteria can thrive in old makeup applicators and cause infection.
  • Don’t add water to old makeup. Doing so can introduce bacteria.
  • Make sure to keep your makeup containers closed. This helps prevent makeup from drying out and being exposed to germs.


Source: Fox News

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