Mothers' Day gifts you don't have to shop for

Mothers' Day gifts you don't have to shop for

Mothers' Day is just around the corner and you're still out of ideas? Then take a look at our ideas that will get the kids involved and make mummies very happy!

Just a few more days to Mothers' Day and you've run out of ideas and don't have much money to spare. Well, not to worry, because most mums don't want a fancy, elaborate plan for that day anyway, so the simpler and more sincere the gift, the better. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Treat your Mom to a home spa
Instead of booking a spa appointment for Mom, why not create a spa experience for her right at home and let her enjoy some pampering from the whole family? Dads can be in charge of the massages, kids can help Mom apply a facial mask and the older kids can give her a manicure and pedicure. Be careful though, your Mom might enjoy this too much and want a home spa treatment more than once a year!

2. Clean up the house and leave Mom alone

All some mothers really want from this day is some alone time to relax and not deal with the chaos they face everyday, but feel guilty as everyone expects them to spend Mothers' Day with their families. Grant her that wish and give your Mom a day off to do whatever she wants, or even arrange for her to have a day out with her friends (other Moms who need a break too). Don't forget to surprise her with a clean house when she returns.

3. Plan a family movie marathon and watch only Mom's favourites
Rent a few of Mom's best loved movies, make some popcorn and cosy up as a family in front of the tv. Yes, you may not enjoy some of the sappy love plots she loves but remember, this day is all about her. And for once, try not to roll your eyes when she cries during the touching parts of the movie, will you?

If you really can't come up with anything, just tell her that your think everyday should be Mothers' Day and be on your best behaviour for the rest of the year!

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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