Mother tries to kill daughter by injecting urine in her body

Mother tries to kill daughter by injecting urine in her body

The 42-year-old Australian mother had made several public fund raising appeals for her daughter's treatment.

An Australian mother has been accused of poisoning her nine-year-old daughter by injecting urine in her intravenous drip while she was undergoing a treatment at the hospital. The mother was found to be carrying syringes and vials of the daughter’s urine in her handbag, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The mother was arrested after her daughter fell seriously ill at the hospital. The doctors found a yeast infection in her daughter’s IV drip last March 2015, which according to them can only form when someone has tampered with the IV.

The 42-year-old woman is a former mommy blogger and has run public fund raising appeals for her daughter’s treatment in the past. She has been granted bail on the condition that she will not contact her child.

According to the sources, the mother has been injecting the little girl with urine since 2o08. Besides, she also fed her daughter laxatives and tampered with her stool samples.

In a similar case reported in January, Candida Fluty, 35, was accused of injecting her son’s IV drip with fecal matter. The boy suffers from a congenital intestine disorder. The mother was arrested.

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