Mother jumps to death with 8-year-old son after failed nose job

Mother jumps to death with 8-year-old son after failed nose job

She apparently jumped from her parent's apartment while holding her son, who was asleep, in her arms. She also left a note that explained her reasons for killing herself.

In a shocking turn of events, a mother jumped to her death along with her son, from their apartment. The reason? Her husband kept bullying her because of a botched nose job.

She became depressed after the surgery

Anna Ozighova, the child’s mother, underwent plastic surgery for her nose. However, she became depressed after the procedure left her with over-sized nostrils.

According to her friends, the surgery was a trigger which caused her marriage to fail; she and her husband split, starting a chain of events that left her hopeless.

She apparently jumped from her parent’s apartment while holding her son, who was asleep, in her arms. She also left a note that explained her reasons for killing herself.

“The surgeon convinced me that my nose didn’t suit me”

According to a friend of Anna, she shared that “The surgeon convinced me that my nose didn’t suit me. I’m easily impressed, and he convinced me.”


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The surgeon was said to have told her that he would only change the shape by one millimeter. However, she complained about it soon after, saying, “I can’t smile. My nostrils are now as big as if I was a pig, and moving apart. My smile is now a frown because he removed muscles above my lip and changed something. My husband is oinking when he sees me.”

Her friend, who chose to remain anonymous said that she needed emotional support, and that she also tried to commit suicide previously.

She adds that Anna was scared that her husband might take away their child from her. On her suicide note, she wrote about her son, “I wanted happiness, kindness, and peace for Gleb. But he’s growing up in anger.”

Authorities are still conducting an investigation regarding the suicide.

Depression is a serious problem

Depression is indeed a serious problem that deserves our attention. In Anna’s case, it was her depression that led to her killing herself along with her child. The sad reality is that people do kill themselves over depression, and those deaths could have been prevented.

We shouldn’t always compare depression to simply being sad as depression is a mental condition. Here are a few steps that we can take in order to help someone that’s struggling with depression:

  1. Don’t give up on them. It’s very difficult to help someone with depression. However, one of the best ways to help them cope with their condition is to never give up helping them. That’s one of the most important things that you can do.
  2. Don’t make them feel ashamed because of their depression. Never make someone feel ashamed because of something that they don’t have any control over. People with depression don’t choose to be sad, they just find it easier to connect with negativity during a depressive episode. So it’s very important  to understand how they feel.
  3. Make sure that they’re taking their medication. If you know someone that’s on medication for depression, make sure to always ask them to take the right amount at the right time. It will help them manage their condition better, and having someone looking out for them will make them feel better.
  4. Being depressed doesn’t always mean sadness. Depression doesn’t always mean that a person is sad; depression comes with different symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, and sleep problems.
  5. Validate how they feel. Don’t dismiss their feelings as something that they can simply get over. It’s important to validate how they feel since validation is what they need most. They need to feel loved, understood, and taken care of, even if it’s difficult to do.


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