Grieving mother donates breastmilk in order to save another baby's life

Grieving mother donates breastmilk in order to save another baby's life

After her daughter died a few days after being born, one grieving mother donates breastmilk in order to save another child's life.

A child’s death is a terrible experience for any parent. But sometimes from loss, hope can come soon after. After the death of her daughter, one grieving mother donates breastmilk so that her life-giving liquid gold can save another child’s life.

This is the sad, yet amazing story of how two mums were brought together — not just by loss, but by the desire to save a newborn’s life.

One mother donates breastmilk to save another baby’s life

Mum Jenny Rogers gave birth to her beloved daughter Everly Jade, at a very early 31 weeks. Doctors had discovered that the baby’s development was affected by an intrauterine growth restriction. 

Jenny was pumping milk as much as she could while her daughter was in the NICU. That way, she would have an abundant milk supply for her little one.

But sadly, Everly passed when she was only six days old.

“When she passed away I didn’t want my hard-earned milk to be thrown in the trash,” Jenny shares.

Jenny decided that she would be donating her breast milk to a family that needed it most.

Little Merrytt was unable to drink breastmilk and was also battling a virus

A mutual friend put Jenny in touch with Dianne Burnett, whose baby girl, Merrytt, was battling a respiratory virus.

Merrytt was unable to nurse, or even drink formula milk. Dianne also has PCOS, which makes it hard for her to pump her own milk.

Dianne shares, “We tried her on formula but she would get a rash and throw up.  She wasn’t tolerating it.

“Around that time, I got a phone call from one of my friends and she said, ‘Jenny Rogers wants to give you her milk,’ and she filled me in.”

Now, Jenny has been pumping and delivering her own breastmilk to Dianne, so that she can give it to Merrytt.

mother donates breastmilk

After donating her breast milk to Merrytt, Jenny and Dianne became fast friends.

“Pumping is not easy, and she is doing it for my baby — there is just not enough words to describe my appreciation,” Dianne says.

“It’s really helped me with my grief. It’s still very fresh, but knowing I was able to help another baby in need has been really amazing,” Jenny admits.

She adds, “It’s been joyous to see Merrytt grow, and she’s gotten so big over the past month that it’s just amazing to watch. I feel like I’ve been able to help create her little full tummy.”

It truly is amazing to see a mother turn her loss into hope for another mum.

Where can mums donate breastmilk in Singapore?

The sad truth is that not all mums are able to provide enough milk for their little bubs. That’s why breastmilk banks are important since milk banks provide nutritious breastmilk to babies who need it most.

Breastmilk is also important for premature babies as it reduces the risk of infection and allergies. It’s also less expensive to nurse your child on breast milk instead of formula milk.

Whenever a mother donates breastmilk for another child, it helps ensure that the child grows up to be healthy and free from disease.

Mums who are interested in donating or are looking for places that can provide them with breast milk can visit the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s website to learn more about their milk bank.

Remember mums, breastmilk is called liquid gold for a reason, and all babies serve to benefit from being provided with this amazing liquid!



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