Mum accidentally burns baby after leaving her on a hot stove

Mum accidentally burns baby after leaving her on a hot stove

She had no idea the stove was hot...

A 10-month-old baby was severely injured after her mother accidentally burned her on a hot stove. Reports say the mum was trying to keep her baby away from their pet dog. Not knowing the stove was hot, she placed her baby’s car seat on top of it. 

Mother accidentally burned baby girl, not knowing the stove was hot

“My baby, please. This baby’s 10 months old, she’s burnt bad. Please hurry. She’s got skin coming off and everything,” the 20-something mum told 911, as reported by local news

Miami Herald reports that the mum was so extremely panicked that she brought the baby outside for some cool air. But the 911 dispatcher discouraged her from doing so. 

The baby was taken by helicopter to Shriners Hospital for Children, Cincinnati. She suffered second and third degree burns all over the left side of her body.

According to investigators, the baby’s blanket caught fire, which may have caused the severe burns.

Reports say the little one is now in a critical, but stable condition. 

Mother accidentally burned baby girl: Safety tips to prevent burns in the home

mother accidentally burned

Little kids should never be in the kitchen unsupervised. Image source: Pinterest

Sadly burn accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and in ways we don’t expect. Everyday objects — curling irons, electric outlets, or even bath water — can be burn hazards.

So it’s best to take safety precautions as early as possible.

Here are some important reminders, mums and dads:

  • Go for fabrics that are fire-resistant. It’s best to choose blankets, pajamas, mattresses and other household fabrics that are resistant to burning. As this incident shows, a blanket can easily catch fire and cause serious injury.
  • Make sure bath water isn’t too hot. Test it on your elbow or forearm first. But keep in mind that your little one’s skin is thinner than yours. What may seem warm to you, might be extremely hot to them.
  • Test food temperature, of course! Remember that microwave ovens may heat food and liquids unevenly. NEVER use a microwave to warm a baby bottle.
  • Prevent hot spills. Refrain from carrying or drinking hot beverages while holding a child. Don’t cook while they are in close proximity to the stove. Keep anything hot away from table and countertop edges. Be wary of tablecloths that can easily be pulled.
  • Don’t leave a hot stove unattended. When cooking, turn handles toward the back of the stove.
  • Mark no-contact zones. Establish ‘no zones’ in the home — that means your stove, hot thermos, coffee makers, and other hazards. Make sure not to leave a child in the room while these are in use.
  • Stow hot objects out of reach. Curling irons or clothes irons, even when unplugged can still cause burns. 
  • Cover electrical outlets and maintain electric cords well. Make sure to childproof electric outlets. Not only can they be an electrocution risk, they also can cause electric burns. Keep electric cords out of reach! If they’re brittle or worn down, replace them. Refrain from running cords under rugs.

What burn safety tips do you apply in your household, mums and dads? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: Miami Herald, NBC4i,, Mayo Clinic

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