Staffing of female pilots in Lufthansa!

Staffing of female pilots in Lufthansa!

While it is true that several women have made their mark throughout aviation history, it is still a male-dominated one. For Lufthansa, a female voice is normal, they staff 27 female pilots in Lufthansa

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Empowering females: Staffing of female pilots in Lufthansa

When you think of pilots, especially commercial pilots, you are most likely to envision men with the ubiquitous pilot hat, dressed in the smart, crisp uniform of their respective airlines walking through the airport, complete with compact pull-along luggage. While it is true that several women have made their mark throughout aviation history, it is still by far, a male-dominated one, especially in the field of commercial aviation. A woman in the cockpit was an idea that few, if any, would have entertained, and quite a lot would have scoffed at a few years ago.

Breaking all the stereotypical norms, however, female pilots in Lufthansa dominating the cockpit is nothing unusual. In fact, it has become part of normal routine at the company for the past ten years. The first woman who dared to breach the once sacrosanct male domain was Nicola Lisy, who, in 2000, became the first female pilot in Lufthansa’s history. And now? No less than 27 female pilots hold a captain’s license at Lufthansa! And in the ladies’ flying business, there is no difference from their male colleagues, be it from the rigorous requirements they have to meet in the aptitude test or in their flying skills.
To continue supporting equal rights and keeping the door open to allow female pilots to combine their family/domestic life with an aviation career, Lufthansa even offers “flying mothers“ in the cockpit opportunities of working part-time to fit in with their work/life balance.
Flying doesn’t have to stay entrenched in unnecessary stereotypes anymore in this day and age. So support Equal Opportunity and fly with Lufthansa!
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