Mom transforms baby into Harry Potter for an adorable themed photo shoot

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"You're a wizard, Lorelai!"

Chicago photographer Kayla Glover has been a Harry Potter fan since she was young, and so when she gave birth to her baby Lorelai Grace, she couldn’t wait to create a Harry Potter-themed shoot for her baby.

“I am a huge Harry Potter and I’d had the vision of a photo shoot in my head for a while. I knew whether I had a boy or a girl I would be using this theme and taking these pictures,” Glover told The Daily Mail. “My daughter actually has a lot of Harry Potter’s features with her captivating eyes and messy hair so she made it very easy.”

“My daughter actually has a lot of Harry Potter’s features”

harry potter baby

Photo: kaylalaylaphotography/Facebook

Glover had to wait until Lorelai was old enough to hold the wand—3 months. The shoot consisted of two short sessions, and Glover’s husband helped her out by taking care of the costume and props—her own Harry Potter book collection, a cauldron usually used for Halloween decorations, her niece’s wand and Gryffindor scarf, and round glasses she got as a freebie at the midnight release party for the fifth book.

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As Lorelai is a pretty easygoing and happy baby, Glover had an easy time photographing her daughter.

“She enjoyed trying to chew on the wand any chance she got, and her little face looked so silly when the glasses would slip down her nose,” the 29-year-old mom told The Huffington Post.

harry potter baby

Photo: kaylalaylaphotography/ Facebook

Glover hopes that she’ll be able to pass down her passion for the Harry Potter series to her daughter. She told The Huffington Post that she would like to start reading the books to her daughter when she’s 10 (the age Glover started reading them), but may watch the movies with her sooner.

“It gives me hope to see others appreciate my beautiful little girl dressed as a character that represents strength, perseverance, and humility”

Glover has been doing themed shoots to celebrate each month of Lorelai’s life. Recently, she did a Pokemon-themed shoot for her baby’s fourth month. She didn’t expect to get so much attention for the Harry Potter shoot, but is happy that she has made so many people happy.

“At a time where there’s so much negativity clouding our social media and in the news, it gives me hope to see others appreciate my beautiful little girl dressed as a character that represents strength, perseverance, and humility,” she said. “In the words of Albus Dumbledore, ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’”

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