MOE to investigate alleged bullying incident in Singapore's Shuqun Secondary

MOE to investigate alleged bullying incident in Singapore's Shuqun Secondary

School bullying is a problem some kids face on a day to day basis. Parents and teachers should be on the alert and know when to step in to maintain a safe environment for their children.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is investigating a case of alleged bullying that took place in a classroom at Shuqun Secondary School in Jurong East. It is not clear when the incident took place, but a video has just only surfaced, causing a stir amongst concerned citizens.

A 52-second video clip of the incident was first posted on the Facebook page of All Singapore Stuff this morning. It has since garnered over 56,000 views.

The video appears to have been filmed by another student. It shows a male student slapping the head of a classmate with both hands. Soon after, he picks up a book and hits the victim's head repeatedly, then does the same to another classmate.

Both victims keep their heads down, without retaliating. Another student is seen dancing on the teacher's table in the background while this whole ordeal takes place.

MOE's Facebook page is flooded with requests from parents to other concerned citizens to look into this matter. MOE has responded saying  that it was aware of the incident and investigations are ongoing.

The school is also conducting investigations.

Watch this video to witness what exactly happened!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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