Moccis Footwear Review

Moccis Footwear Review

If you have ever worried about keeping your child's feet protected, but cannot bear dirty footprints around the house, missing socks and the likes, then this product is going to be news to you.

moccis footwear review

Say hello to Moccis footwear

If you have ever worried about protecting your little darling’s feet, but cannot bear dirty footprints around the house, missing socks and the likes, then this innovative product is going to be news for you.

Moccis footwear, by London-based Swedish designer/mom Anna Wetterlin, were created as a substitute for Swedish moccasins, only recently made available in Singapore. This brand of kids footwear is suited for indoor use – at home or at the nursery. They are made of ecotex certified yarns and natural leather, which make them both durable and flexible, allowing your child’s feet to move and muscles to develop freely. The best part? They’re machine washable, so say goodbye-and-good-riddance to the menial manual labour of trying to get your kids shoes clean!

Moccis conveniently have a double band of elastic around the ankles to prevent them from slipping off the feet. The non-slip soles are also ideal for kids beginning to walk/crawl, as it provides them with a good grip on smoother floors.

Moccis come in a whole assortment of adorable designs that will look just gorgeous on your precious baby’s tender feet. The hand-stitched detailing is a nice touch too. Whether your baby is the “Apple Of Your Eye”, “Cool In Pink”, or “Feeling Moosey”, you will find designs that are (almost) cute enough to eat.

One little problem, though. Most mums claim that Moccis are perfect to keep their kids tiny toes protected against the cold, but we have to take into account that they might get a bit too warm for the climate in sunny Singapore. Still, we believe that in a country where most homes and kindergartens are air-conditioned, they will come in handy.

And parents, just in case you have a personal penchant for Moccis, you might be glad to discover that they come in adult sizes too! So go ahead and don a matching pair of Moccis along with your kids!

Moccis are available at:

  • Robinsons Department Store (176 Orchard Road, The Centre Point)
  • inQbox (Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-40, Parkway Parade B-45/46)

– Available in sizes 0-8 (UK)

S$58 /pair

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Miss Vanda

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