MMI – An Authentically Montessori School!

MMI – An Authentically Montessori School!

Childhood experts agree that attending a high-quality preschool prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond. But finding the best option for your child takes time and research. To get you started, we check out Modern Montessori International.

Modern Montessori School

Modern Montessori School

Learning in the moment

The first thing that struck us about MMI, is how unique their syllabus is – it is designed to ensure that the child looks at learning as one entity and therefore carries learning into every moment of the day. Thematic teaching is used to achieve this goal. Thematic teaching is the organization of a curriculum around “macro themes”. This means integrating subjects such as math, science, English and social skills into one theme.

Kids will choose a theme they are keen on, like the environment. Subjects are then integrated into this one theme. For example, for math, kids count the apples on an apple tree and for science they learn of the organisms living in a tree.

This method is effective as kids learn to connect what they learn in school to daily life and environment. Connecting ideas presents a natural way of assimilating information in contrast to the typical method of mugging subjects based on a segregated timetable.

This method results in them having fun without being aware of the amount of skills they are acquiring.

5 Pillars to MMI Education


  • Practical Life Skills – A child’s transition into the next age is supported as children are taught basic skills of conquering daily tasks.(E.g.pouring water from a jar to a glass without spills or tying a shoe lace)
  • Sensorial Materials – The materials allow shapes, colors, sounds, textures and odors to be discovered instead of memorized.
  • Language – Phonics, grammar and phonograms form the core of the language curriculum. Children are taught not to regurgitate sentences from a book, but instead to understand and hold meaning to whatever they read and write.
  • Mathematics –Kids use concrete objects to be taught addition subtraction reading clock, money, problem solving, calendar reading etc.
  • Cultural Subject – The world is brought to the classroom as zoology; botany, history and geography are introduced to hungry minds.

MMI covers every aspect of grooming your child, not only academically, but even as a citizen of the world.

Grooming a citizen of the world

To achieve such a hefty goal, MMI uses a few key facets to get the child prepared for the transition.


  • Sentence structure exercises to groom crisp speech. ( using different pictures and getting them to form a sentence with it)
  • Cultures belonging to different countries are introduced each term.
  • The syllabus integrates speech, drama, poetry, puppetry, music, and story telling.
  • The whole syllabus turns your child into the educated little gentleman and lady ready to face the world.

Respecting your child and you

MMI reaches out to both kids and parents with a simple yet very much needed aspect – Respect.

Respect is extended towards children as each child’s developmental pace is welcomed warmly. They believe that children should only be exposed to competition after the age of 6. This way, kids get to experience and embrace their childhood years to the fullest.

A parent’s concerns are respected as MMI offers a course for parents who want an understanding of the Montessori system.

In addition, the course teaches parents to provide a similar environment at home to support their child’s educational development.

The course, entitled the Diploma in Montessori Method of Education, is held 3 times over a period of a year. About 500 attendees pursue the Diploma in Montessori Method of Education.

Most of the attendees use what they learn for parenting purposes and to support the MMI method at home.

Attendees will gain knowledge from the following:

1.      Montessori philosophy

2.      5 areas of Montessori – understanding of the materials which are designed with a specific purpose in mind and how to present the materials.

3.      A holistic approach to Child development

a.      Cognitive

b.      Language

c.      Physical

d.      Social-emotional

4.      Curriculum planning – design age appropriate curriculum for the child.

Through this course, parents give their child the opportunity to have their whole day morphed into a learning experience and not only when they attend school.

With such transparency, MMI clearly exudes sincerity.

So in a nutshell, if you are looking for a calm, child-centered learning environment that emphasizes academics, Mondern Montessori International is definitely a wonderful option.

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