Missing boy in Singapore - Please help!

Missing boy in Singapore - Please help!

A 11 year old boy has been reported missing in Singapore. Please help to find him.

Hi mums and dads,

We were alerted by a posting on The Online Citizen page which stated that a little boy in Singapore has gone missing. theAsianparent contacted Ang Mo Kio Service centre and we have verified that this is unfortunately true. Muhammad Fiqri B Abdullah aged 11; fair skinned, chubby and with black eyes has been missing since 20 January 2013. He was last seen at 2 pm at Cash Converter located in Ang Mo Kio. Eye witnesses have placed him around Ang Mo Kio Hub Gaming Centre and Ang Mo Kio Macdonalds. He was last spotted wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and brown slippers. Accompanying him was another Chinese boy, aged 18.

His mum is worried sick for her son's safety. Please contact Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre at 6454 6678 if you have any information.

Thank you!

Missing boy in Singapore - Please help!

Source of picture and news: The Online Citizen Facebook fanpage

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