MindChamps PreSchool - A premium pre-school near your home/workplace

MindChamps PreSchool - A premium pre-school near your home/workplace

Within 3 short years, MindChamps PreSchool has established itself in 10 locations island-wide. Situated in prominent shopping malls, business parks and on landed property, the pre-school with its strong brand presence and holistic curriculum has made an impact since it was launched in Singapore in 2008.

The first MindChamps preschool to commence operations was in Toa Payoh. Located in the bustling HDB Hub, it achieved the distinction of being the first pre-school to be fully booked within 3 months and with over 100 students on the waiting list.

That same year, MindChamps was accredited as a Pro-Family Business by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). The other 9 MindChamps PreSchools are at Tanglin, Paragon, City Square Mall, Tampines Point, East Coast Road, Changi Business Park, Fusionopolis, JTC Summit and Mapletree Business City.

MindChamps Preschool - a unique educational establishment

The MindChamps PreSchool curriculum is unique in that it brings together cutting-edge research and development from the 4 domains of Early Childhood Education, Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre. It nurtures all aspects of your child (18 months to 6 years) and includes 10 world proprietary academic and enrichment programmes:

  1. Fun with Phonics
  2. Reading & Writing made Fun!™
  3. Love for Chinese Language™
  4. Numeracy Strategies™
  5. Inquiry Moments™
  6. Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™
  7. Gourmet Moments™
  8. Mind-Body in Motion™
  9. Mind over Matter™
  10. Music for the Mind™

MindChamps is also the only pre-school whose teachers undergo more than 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation, ensuring that your child’s mind is nurtured by the most qualified and dedicated teachers.

To value add to your child’s enrichment, they will be introducing their successful MindChamps Reading program as a permanent feature in the MindChamps PreSchool curriculum.

MindChamps PreSchool believes in inculcating the love for reading from young. It is best established in the early years as it will be difficult to build a strong relationship with reading later – when reading becomes immediately demanding in primary school. Learning to read and write are the two crucial skills a younger learner needs to master. Their entire education depends on them being skilled and confident readers and writers. Reading is not about just reading aloud; it’s about Thinking. MindChamps offers a revolutionary approach that engages your child’s emotions and intellect to help them achieve active understanding in all that they read.

We spoke to a few parents who have enrolled their child in MindChamps PreSchool.

Parents' experience of MindChamps Preschool

When asked about their children’s experience there, Steven Wu & Quek Lay Choo, parents of Caleb, Daniel & Esther said: We find the curriculum at MindChamps PreSchool very enriching and holistic in developing a child. Caleb, Daniel and Esther are able to display a lot more confidence and they are able to work with other people. MindChamps PreSchool also prepared Caleb and Daniel for Primary 1. In fact, they achieved grades of above 90% for their 3 main subjects. We highly recommend it as a premium pre-school to other parents.”

Gillian O’Flynn, parent of Chloe O’Connell also added, “I made the decision to transfer Chloe to MindChamps as they could offer programmes such as Chinese, music and cooking which other pre-schools could not offer. She just seemed to embrace everything that MindChamps offered. The distinct advantage of sending her there is that she was exposed to high-level problem-solving that she can apply to everyday life. Subsequently, when she graduated she has had no problems in Primary 1. This is a gift from MindChamps to us.”

In terms of personal development and growth, Eugene Lee and Rachel Chia, parents of Gabriel Lee mentioned, “Within a short 6 months, Gabriel has grown leaps and bounds in terms of discipline and anger management and he is now able to channel his frustration properly. All credit goes to the teachers from MindChamps PreSchool!”

MindChamps PreSchool also offers an environment conducive for learning. Too Meng Yuen, parent of Chanel Ng said, “I would like to recommend MindChamps PreSchool to all parents because it offers a curriculum that promotes creativity and innovation. It also trains Chanel in her soft skills which I think will benefit her when she grows up. The environment at MindChamps PreSchool is clean, spacious and safe for every child. I also find that the teachers from MindChamps PreSchool are passionate and professional.”

All in all, MindChamps offers every child an enriching experience that will nurture the champion in them!

If you wish to find out more about MindChamps PreSchool, you can contact us at 8233 4400.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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