Microblading eyebrows: Here's what you must know about it

Microblading eyebrows: Here's what you must know about it

Microblading is a new beauty trend for those perfectly arched, well-defined eyebrows. Here's all you need to know before getting it done...

Looking for information on eyebrow microblading Singapore? Here’s what you need to know.

One of the latest beauty trends is microblading eyebrows instead of shaping them in more conventional ways like threading or plucking. 

Fans of microblading swear by it as a great method of achieving a perfect pair of eyebrows. If you too are considering this eyebrow-perfecting method, here’s plenty of information for you that will help you make your decision. 

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Eyebrow microblading Singapore: How much do you know about this process?

Microblading Singapore: What is this process? 

Microblading, a semi-permanent method, is more like an art for getting those well-shaped brows. With the help of a special pen, real-looking hair is drawn in exact strokes. The technique has gained a lot of popularity because of its natural finish. 

The 2 main benefits of microblading

1. Microbladed eyebrows need minimal upkeep:

LA based cosmetic tattoo artist Audrey Glass shares that this technique needs little maintenance. Once done, you need not go for another appointment before 12 to 18 months. As opposed to microblading eyebrows, threading or plucking may normally last only for around three weeks. 

2. Gives you fuller looking eyebrows:

microblading singapore

Microblading Singapore: Are there any known risks to the procedure?

Glass says: “Microblading is a great option for most men and women who want fuller brows because it only needs to be touched up every 12-18 months. The brow artist can make adjustments if the client wants a slightly different shape, if facial features have changed, if the skin texture has changed, or if the natural brow colour has changed.”

Microblading Singapore: What to keep in mind

Your skin type plays an important role:

The results are different for oily and dry skin. Glass says: “The dryer the skin is, the more crisp and defined the microbladed hair like strokes will heal. Oily skin can give a more powdery result if the brow area is too oily.”

If you have an oily skin type or darker complexion, it is best to follow the aftercare instructions given by your technician. You may be advised to blot the area to remove excess oils. Avoid applying moisturizers in that area. This will help in avoiding the powdery effect. 

Keep your body iron levels up to the mark:

In case you have iron insufficiency or deficiency, do take supplements to cope. Start the process six weeks prior to your appointment and continue for six weeks after it.

Even anaemic people must take iron supplements to reach the required levels. Audrey Glass says, “Most micro-pigments used for microblading are iron oxide based, meaning that the retention could be very poor if a client has low levels of iron.”

Avoiding infections after microblading eyebrows:

microblading singapore

Microblading Singapore: Microblading is a popular trend to get perfect eyebrows

Many experts may suggest that you avoid water contact after getting eyebrow microblading. However Glass says that you need to keep cleaning your eyebrows with water to avoid infections.

She explains: “Microblading is the process of making very small scratches in surface of the skin and depositing pigment in the scratches to create hair-like strokes. This means that the client leaves their appointment with small wounds in their forehead. Cleaning the eyebrows with lukewarm water several times a day is necessary to avoid infection.”

Check the previous work of the artist you choose: 

There are various types of brow-looks, for example, manicured, messy looking, sparse and natural, very dense and so on.

Glass advises that you must finalize the look that you want and then ensure that the artist you’ve chosen does that kind of work.

She says: “If the artist doesn’t have photos of healed work on their website, Instagram or Facebook, please ask for healed photos as it’ll show you exactly what to expect for the end result. Also, in most cases, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. A really good artist will most likely be booked solid, but don’t just go somewhere else cheaper and less busy. It’s your face we’re talking about here.”

Looks like microblading is the future of those perfect looking eyebrows. What do you think about it, mums?

Source: InStyle

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