Michelle Reis' baby rabbit

Michelle Reis' baby rabbit

Former Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis welcome a baby Rabbit boy. Any parents out here who have just given birth to a baby Rabbit too?


40-year-old Michelle Reis has given birth to a baby boy via Caesarean section in Hong Kong, reported Hong Kong media.

The 2.93kg child, named Jayden Max Hui, is her first with Hui, whom the former Miss Hong Kong wed in 2008.

It also described Reis' newborn son as having very thick hair, pronounced double eyelids and a mouth that resembles his mother's. According to the public relations company handling Reis' affairs, the couple has not yet decided on a Mandarin name for her son.

At the hospital, Reis' public relations representative gave out red packets containing HK$1,000 (S$164) to each of the many journalists who had been staking out the place since Reis checked in over the Lunar New Year weekend.

Hui was formerly married to Pansy Ho, daughter of casino magnate Stanley Ho. Their marriage lasted 9 years.


"The pregnancy was joyful, exciting and full of anticipation. Thank you, to all the people who have accompanied me on this journey," said Reis, 40, in a statement to the media.

It was reported that the Reis was very happy to be pregnant as she was already considered too old for childbearing. The actress also frequently shared her joyous feelings on her microblog.

Source: channelnewsasia, xinmsn

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