4 Best things about Michael Jackson as a dad, according to daughter Paris

4 Best things about Michael Jackson as a dad, according to daughter Paris

We find out from his daughter, Paris Jackson, why Michael Jackson as a father made such an “incredible dad”.

What comes to mind when one recalls the legendary Michael Jackson and his array of chart-topping hits is undoubtedly his highly successful career and widespread influence worldwide. While he was a famed singer, songwriter, musician and even a philanthropist, many forget that MJ was most importantly, a father. Dad to three children — Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson — MJ rarely brought his children under the eyes of the public.

In her recent exchange with the Daily Mail UK, fifteen year old Paris Jackson, the teenage daughter of the King of Pop, told the world how she believed that her father was an “incredible dad”. Paris shared about how she and her siblings “loved him to death” and how Michael Jackson as a father always “wanted the best” for them.

Michael Jackson as a father

MJ made his kids don masks when appearing with him in public (Photo credit: Wikimedia commons)

Protective concern

Growing up in the prying eyes of the media was difficult for MJ and he understood the challenges that his kids would have to battle with if they were not shielded from the intrusive glare of the paparazzi. In his bid to protect his children from invasive nature of such media, MJ made them don various masks when they appear in public with him.

While initially confused as to why her dad would make them wear masks in public, Paris grew up to understand and appreciate her dad’s efforts in helping them lead a normal childhood where they could head to the mall with their friends without getting accosted by swarming photographers. MJ wanted them to enjoy their growing up years and lead a carefree life — one that he did not have the privilege of enjoying since childhood.

Just like any normal dad

Despite his career as a pop star and world renowned celebrity status, MJ ensured that his kids attended public school and constantly did his best to educate them beyond the classroom too. Paris talks about her opportunity to have a “normal high school experience” and acknowledges that her dad consistently made sure that they “stuck to school”.

Contagiously great energy

Who doesn’t love a fun dad? In addition to his care and firmness as a father, MJ was the livewire that spread good energy whenever he went. Paris explains how she simply “didn’t want to leave” her dad’s presence all the time, how they always had fun together and recalls how he even taught her the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson as a father -- an incredible dad

From left – Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson (Photo credit: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

Celebrating MJ’s fatherhood

It is a pity that few recognise MJ with regard to his significant role as a father. In considering the social myopia overlooking MJ’s role as a dad, perhaps it is time to pause for a moment and contemplate the underrated heroes of parenthood, dedicating a while to appreciating the unsung heroes of society — our parents.

In her heartfelt recount of her relationship with her father, Paris Jackson’s memory of the King of Pop warms the heart, exemplifying the young lady’s thoughtfulness and maturity. Reminiscing his legacy once again, we remember Michael Jackson as a world class entertainer and also more importantly, a good dad.

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