Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

It's an understatement that mums feel the neverending pressure to give their best to their families. These stories prove that in every mum, there's a supermummy waiting to be unleashed. Becoming one is easier than you think!

All mums have learned the art of multitasking and caring for their family; learning to not just survive the ups and downs of child-rearing as they pass, but actually thriving in their motherhood journey. Darlie Double Action Multicare understands how much mummies do for their kids, and is shining the light on 7 amazing multicaring mummies who have found the answer to the age-old question, “How do you do it all?”

A simple call for nominations of SuperMums on the Darlie Facebook page, led to names pouring in. Mums from different walks of life -- from the new mum to those who were about to see their kids off to university -- all having one thing in common: their loved ones wanting them to know how much they appreciated their hard work and limitless love. As much as each mum deserves to be celebrated, here are some SuperMums who stood out:

Vivian Wang, Administrator

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

A mum of 1, she has learned to juggle her full-time work as an Administrator, a loving wife, and a devoted mother to her sweet two-and-a-half-year-old toddler.

An educator at heart, she takes advantage of the weekends to catch up on some quality time with her toddler by learning through play. Although her husband is quite the chef and gladly cooks for the family, Vivian has designated herself as the “nutritionist” in the family, ensuring that her toddler gets just the right servings.

She also calls herself the “softer” disciplinarian, often becoming the voice of reason and the shoulder to cry on for her child. And for all that she does for the family, there is nothing sweeter than a simple hug or kiss from her little angel to know that she is so loved and appreciated.

Esther Koh, Homemaker

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

Esther loves the quality time she gets to spend with her daughter Raina, and it looks like her daughter feels the same way. Raina says that she knows her mum’s a SuperMum because she “cooks, teaches, and takes very good care of me. I feel very glad and happy that I have a wonderful mummy.”

Esther values the time she and Raina get to spend at home, because Esther believes that the more time Raina is with her, the more she’ll be able to instill good values and traits in Raina for her to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life.

Esther says that she is the “alarm clock in the morning, a cook in the afternoon, and a storyteller and listener at night”, making her a multicaring mom, from sunrise to sundown!

Ketty Lim, Administrator

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

The mum of three has her hands full with being, according to Ketty, the “disciplinarian and the teacher at home.” In between cooking and household chores, she squeezes in work and tutoring her kids in both their homework and in life lessons that will build their character.

She believes that quality of life is also tied to having good health, and good oral hygiene is paramount to being in tiptop shape, not just for herself, but for her children, as well.

One of her children, Niko, has this to add about their mum: “I appreciate that she is willing to sacrifice her own time for us. I am thankful that she always works hard to find extra time to spend with my sisters and I. She is like a best friend to me.”

Jaime Chan, Accountant

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

Jaime holds down a full-time job during the day, and goes home after a long day at work to her husband and a brood of four kids.

Where does she find the energy to be a mom, career woman, and nurturer, even a playmate, among other things? Simple—she loves being all that and more for her family, because she loves them with all her heart. She says, “Being a mom is my most challenging and yet rewarding role I have ever had. It’s all worth it.”

How does she manage to take care of everyone with the time that she has? She finds tips and products that will help her save time. “Darlie Double Action MultiCare Toothpaste is that one product that accomplishes so many things, which means I can spend less time on using several products!”

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Xi En Wei, Homemaker

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

Running a household of four school-age kids is no easy feat, but Xi En Wei takes it all in stride. She states matter-of-factly that indeed, no one else will take on the role, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy every minute of her being a homemaker.

There’s just so much to be done! She says, “Being a full-time homemaker, I play the roles of a chef, nurse, mentor, counselor, tuition teacher, among other things.” She admits that her daily duties and responsibilities sometimes makes her energy take a dip, but “when I see the fruits of my labour, like when my kids grow up healthy, being fulfilled in playing multiple roles for the family is an understatement.”

Winnie Yap, Teacher

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

The mother of three, the youngest being merely a year old, admits to sometimes feeling worn out and tired from all that she needs to accomplish in a day. But through almost superhuman strength, she is able to pull through.

After switching from full-time to part-time teaching, she is able to spend more hours at home with her family, so that she can be the main caregiver to her kids. “More often than not, I am the disciplinarian, teacher, chef, even a friend,” Winnie says. She further adds that she gets her sense of achievement not through her career, but by seeing her family well, healthy, and happy.

Jane Kiew, Homemaker

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

With two toddlers and a crawling, cruising baby, Jane Kiew already has her hands full. Add to that the care of the house without any helpers around, and she’s got a full schedule.

Jane says that her decision to stay home was primarily because she wanted to be with her kids—as simple as that. “I sacrificed my job, my sleep, and other things because I want be with them while they’re still young. I think it’s worth the sacrifice.”

On top of that, she’s still breastfeeding, which leaves her sleepless and exhausted. How does she handle the tough job of being a SuperMum? “Seeing their daily growth and development makes everything worth it.”

Diana Guo, Blogger

Meet 8 Multicaring SuperMums and Learn How They 'do it all'

Taking things one day at a time, one step at a time is Diana Guo’s belief when it comes to dealing with the pressures of motherhood.

The mum of four jokingly calls herself a “nagger”, but it’s all in good fun—she knows that it sometimes gets the job done, anyway. Her children’s ages range from school-age daughters taking ballet lessons, to a playful preschooler, and a toddler who breastfeeds on demand.

Diana says, “The tasks that need to be completed at home are ever growing and changing with the children’s need. Children have their own unique sets of items on the checklist. It’s taxing but absolutely fulfilling.”


These SuperMums may all lead different lives and do different things all at the same time, but these multicaring mummies, just like Darlie Double Action Multicare, have one thing in common—they do everything they can to make sure that their loved ones are well taken care of, and that they give their families their utmost best, everyday.


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