10 bizarre but true China medical professional stories!

10 bizarre but true China medical professional stories!

Shocking, bizarre or truly heartwarming? These doctors in China are making news in the medical arena. What are your thoughts about these cases?

Medical professionals in China have been making the news lately for both the right and wrong reasons.

While China has seemingly gained a less-than-perfect image (think: fake food and the milk powder incident a few years ago), it is heartening to know that some Chinese medical professionals have earned praises for going beyond their call of service to help the community.

We offer you some food for thought with some shocking stories, and some exemplary ones.

Bizarre but true!

Case #1: Man survives with knife stuck in head

bizarre, shocking, heartwarming stories of China doctors

A miracle that Li Fu is still alive, after living with a knife in his skull for four years! Image source: AsiaOne.com

How in the world can that happen? The then 37-year-old, Li Fu, from Yunnnan Province, had been admitted to the hospital for a surgery when he was stabbed in the head during an armed robbery.

The problem?

He stepped out of the hospital with a knife stuck in his head all this while, complaining of chronic migraines for four years, only to discover that a blade was stuck in his skull all the while!

Fortunately, his head is now freed of the piercing issue and he leads a normal life now.

Our take: Always remember to do a post-surgery check before leaving the hospital.


Case #2: Doctors grafts patient’s hand onto his leg for a month

bizarre, shocking, heartwarming stories of China doctors

A patient’s hand gets grafted onto his own leg to save those tissues. Image source: www.xxcb.cn

Doctor Tang Juyu, head of microsurgery at Xiangya Hospital at Changsha, takes on the unimaginable by grafting his patient’s hand onto his leg for a month!

His reason?

As told to the Telegraph, “Under normal temperatures, a severed finger needs to resume blood supply within 10 hours, but that time is even shorter for a separated limb. If a limb is short of blood for too long, its tissues die and it will be unsalvageable.”

The factory worker, known as Zhou, encountered a workplace accident where his left hand got chopped off by a spinning blade machine.

A month later, the grafted hand has been affixed to his arm, and doctors are happy to report that Zhou has regained sensation in his fingers but will be under rehabilitation for it to return to normal.

Our take: Well, time is of essence when it comes to live cells, and this doctor was certainly thinking of his patient’s feet on his feet. Our heart goes out to Zhou who had to bear with his hand on his leg, but thankfully now he is doing well.

Heartwarming moments

Case #3: Nurse breastfeeds infant during surgery to calm her down

bizarre, shocking, heartwarming stories of China doctors

Father of the infant calls this nurse an “angel” and is immensely grateful to her for breastfeeding his child during surgery. Image source: Sina.com.cn

This touching story has been circulating recently, and earning the thumbs up and mixed feelings from netizens.

A one-month-old baby who had to undergo a complicated surgery kept crying and moving during the procedure, making it difficult for the surgeons at the Shenzhen hospital to operate on him.

Instinctively, a nurse, known as Li Baoxia, brought the baby to her bosom and started to breastfeed him. The baby calmed down soon after and the surgery went on smoothly.

Surgeon Zhao Zheng Yuan (Chief Physician) described the moment as, “very moving, very warm.”

After the surgery, the baby’s father showed appreciation towards Li, “Thank you! You didn’t only treat my child, you also nursed him!”. As a father, you have my endless gratitude. You are an angel nurse!”

Our take: It was indeed an unexpected moment, but Li’s maternal instincts took over and it helped lead to a happy situation for all.


Case #4: Dentist kneels for 40 minutes to perform tricky surgery

bizarre, shocking, heartwarming stories of China doctors

Dedicated dentist performs surgery on bended knees for 40 minutes! Image source: shanghaiist.com

Dentist, Qu Tiejun, spent 40 minutes on his knees so he could complete a surgery for his nine-year-old patient.

The dentist in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, explained to various media why he had to take on a unique stance. He said that the tooth was giving the child an immense amount of discomfort and she required immediate surgery. However, the infected part of the tooth was very difficult to reach, so he had to operate in an unusual position.

Qu has since earned thumbs up from netizens, commending him on his big heart and passion for his profession.

Our take: It’s heartwarming to see such sweet and selfless gestures. Can someone get this dentist a cushion for his poor knees, please? That nasty tooth is finally out and we hope his knees are a-okay too!

Were you both shocked and taken aback by what these doctors in China have done? Tell us what you think of these medical cases by leaving your comments below!

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