Maybe Baby Ovulation Predictor - A Novel And Easy Fertility Kit

Maybe Baby Ovulation Predictor - A Novel And Easy Fertility Kit

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Maybe Baby Ovulation Predictor is a lipstick sized microscope that tests saliva. It works by creating an image of your saliva.

The level of oestrogen in saliva increases dramatically two to three days prior to your fertile period and reaches its peak on the day of ovulation.

By viewing the magnified image of your saliva through the Maybe Baby microscope you can pinpoint when your oestrogen levels are rising and therefore when you are most likely to conceive.

We spoke to some mums who have used this kit and this is what they had to say:

Pros of Maybe Baby Ovulation Predictor :

- Reusable and compact, so easy to carry around.

- Gives a good idea of when to start using ovulation prediction kits, so you don't have to waste too many OPK sticks.

Cons Maybe Baby Ovulation Predictor:

-Can be difficult to interpret, thus not very accurate as a stand alone test.

-High upfront cost of $80.

-You need clean saliva to get a reliable reading, so toothpaste, cigarettes, food or gum will affect it.

- It's battery Operated.


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Nasreen Majid

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