Maternity clothing tips and tricks

Maternity clothing tips and tricks

These practical tips and tricks will help you make sure fashion is the least of your problems during your pregnancy!

If you look good, you feel good. That saying still holds water even through the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Though you’ll have to face a ton of struggles while pregnant, these tips and tricks with maternity clothing will help you to make sure fashion is not among those struggles.


The first thing all mums-to-be should know is to not panic. You won’t have to lockup your regular wardrobe for all nine months. Settle down, Mum. You’ll still be able to utilize your lavish wardrobe. While you’ll need to prepare for your life with a baby bump, you can still manage to wear a number of regular fitting tops and dresses while in the earlier months of pregnancy. Stay positive and try out a number of different outfits while you still can!

Maternity clothing tips and tricks


As the pages of the calendar turn, you’ll need to switch your wardrobe accordingly. Be prepared for this! Make sure you have a wide range of comfy and fashionable maternity clothes ready to wear long ahead of time. That way you needn’t stress over finding suitable clothes when the time comes. Everyday clothes can be turned into maternity clothing as well!


Borrowing maternity clothes is definitely a wise choice. It’s okay to buy a few pieces of maternity clothing every now and then, but a more economical solution would be to simply borrow from a friend or family member. You can even borrow from your spouse if his clothes are fit loosely enough.

Maternity clothing tips and tricks


If you do plan to buy new maternity clothes—make the most of them. Even if you plan to further expand your family in the coming years, you can still be thrifty! Most importantly, don’t force yourself into buying something simply because you’re pregnant. Purchase something because it’s fashionable, not because you’re pregnant.


Just because the word “workout” is in the name, doesn’t always mean you have to break a sweat to wear them. Workout clothes work well for cozy, laid back days during pregnancy. Sweatpants in particular are great for the early to mid months of pregnancy, so don't feel the need to spend excessively if you have pairs of sweatpants gathering dust in your closet.


In the closing months of maternity, it’s time to mentally prep yourself for life after childbirth. Don’t freak yourself out or stress over losing the weight immediately, but consider buying clothes while your close to giving birth. This will serve as a healthy motivator for your present and future self.

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