WIN an OSIM uDiva Classic: More than just a massage chair!

WIN an OSIM uDiva Classic: More than just a massage chair!

A contemporary, comprehensive & compact massage chair that won't break the bank; why uDiva-nitely should get OSIM's uDiva Classic! And here is your chance to win this gorgeous massage chair. Read on to enter the contest!

If you are a parent, working or stay-home, chances are that will find it hard-pressed to get some time to yourself.

Wake up and you are on your feet from get-go -- from preparing breakfast; preparing lunch; doing the laundry; going around the house picking the toys and clearing the mess; hanging the laundry (indoors or outdoors); picking your 11kg toddler who’s just pooped and placing him on the change table; getting your other kid ready for school; rush out of the house; come back and put your toddler down for a nap.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

And by the time you get a break, you just flop yourself down on the sofa in the most unglamorous fashion. Well, I know I would. My shoulders would be aching by then, from carrying the toddler in a carrier and doing the chores. Wait till you ask your spouse for a massage. Have you seen the deadpan reaction on their face? Yep. I get that occasionally.

Or rather, you return home from work and all you want to do is to sink in a chair but the kids climb all over you.

Or you know how sometimes you just want a quiet time and place to think, but the bed and the sofa just … doesn’t cut it?

In comes the OSIM uDiva Classic. Affordability. Size. Features. It’s got it down pat. It is not JUST a massage chair.

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Features that you will love

The chair

It’s a massage chair. It’s a sofa. It’s a lounger. It is a nursing chair. Oh did I mention massage chair? Yes, it works as a massage chair in all positions. However you want to sit in it. However you want to lie on it. However you want to nurse in it. (Oh man..I would nurse my kid in this chair ALL DAY LONG). I could also easily pull it out into the living room to use whilst spending time with the kids.

Pull it into the study room to work whilst on it as well. Having my feet massaged whilst doing some work -- I could totally live with that! The uDiva Classic is not only a massage chair, it is more than a massage chair. Think of all the possibilities in your house!

WIN an OSIM uDiva Classic: More than just a massage chair!

Massage features

For the uninitiated and the ones looking for a quick fix, the uDiva Classic comes with 5 pre-set programs: Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar, Energise, Spa, and Sleep. This would definitely come in handy for parents who want a quick fix and yet still be able to attend to their child quickly. Ain’t got time to fiddle with settings when the kids yell for me every 15 minutes!

I can totally imagine relaxing in the uDiva Classic whilst the kids play with the toys and I can easily attend to them. My husband would also be able to do some work whilst on it in the Lounger mode, thanks to the curved armrests to suit the difference in build!

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For the experts who go for massages on a regular basis, the uDiva Classic also offers you the chance to customize your massage by allowing you to manually adjust the rollers to focus on specific areas. Having the rollers reach my shoulders was bliss. I think I could have sat there for ages. It would have been perfect for moments when the kids have gone to bed! Massage those aches away please!

The versatility of the massage chair is a huge plus point in my books. Definitely have some ROI there.

Are you already convinced? Read on to the next page to find our more about the size and price of this amazing massage chair and to enter our contest and stand a chance to win the OSIM uDiva Classic for your home!

Compact size 

We all know that HDB flats these days aren’t exactly big. Space is at a premium in anyone’s home. My husband fights with me for wardrobe space, and I fight with him for shoe space in the shoe cabinet -- you know what I mean.

The uDiva Classic is as compact as it looks. At 90cm x 70cm (with back inclined & footrest retracted), it would take up slightly more than a 60cm x 60cm floor tile in most homes. It would take no more space than your typical arm chair, and will be so much more comfortable to sit on, and you get a massage out of it.

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Fits your home and your budget

For starters, buying it won’t break the bank account. Priced at S$2,499, the uDiva Classic is a comprehensive choice for your first massage chair. It is versatile and looks great placed anywhere in your home. You no longer have to make an appointment with your masseuse when you have one on standby in the comforts of your own home!

Now, banish the traditional image of what you think a massage chair looks like. The design of the uDiva Classic is modern enough to complement most homes. It comes in two lovely hues of brown, Mocha and Caramel. It weighs approximately 44.5kg, and it is a breeze to move. Just a nudge to get it going!

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OSIM is now offering a trade-in promotion where you can trade-in your old massage chair, massagers or old sofa for a brand new uDiva Classic from S$1,999 onwards! Speak with their friendly representatives at OSIM outlets for more information. To find out more about the OSIM uDiva Classic, click here.

WIN a uDiva Classic

To win a uDIVA classic worth S$2,499 all you have to do is simply upload photo of the spot in your home where you think you will place the massage chair and write a caption telling us how you would like to spend time in the massage chair in our contest form below. So get clicking!

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Written by

Justine Ong

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