Ask the experts about Education and Curriculum in Singapore

Ask the experts about Education and Curriculum in Singapore

Education experts from Marshall Cavendish Education are here to answer your questions...

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Your children’s learning is in very good hands with Singapore’s world-class education system

There’s no doubt about it — Singapore’s education system is world-class.

According to a report that was published on TodaySingaporean students performed very well in a triennial international study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This study (the Programme for International Student Assessment — PISA) examines and compares participating global education systems in how they are preparing students to face the future.

It does this by assessing how 15-year-old students apply knowledge and skills in three domains — Mathematics, Reading and Science — and use this knowledge in creative problem solving in real-world situations.

Out of around 65 countries and economies that took part in the 2012 PISA, Singapore had the second highest proportion of students who are top performers in all three areas of assessment.

Singapore students ranked third in Reading and Science Literary Skills (up from fifth place in 2009) and also maintained second position for Mathematics Literacy Skills.

These results clearly highlight the strength of Singapore’s education system that not just supports students of all abilities, but also enables them to aim high and consistently achieve superior results in all areas of education.

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Singapore’s superlative education system is recognised globally

The MOE is now moving to further develop the country’s education system that will promote the well-rounded development of children both in and out of the classroom.

Parents, of course, would want to help their children confidently face the future of education in the country. They need, however, a partner that will provide them with appropriate resources such as teaching methods and excellent materials.

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Marshall CavendishEducation and theAsianparent have teamed up to help you

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Marshall CavendishExperts

For more than 40 years, Marshall Cavendish Education, has assisted young learners to perform exceptionally well through high quality educational solutions related to Singapore’s education system.

They have also helped educators to teach more effectively through comprehensive teaching resources.

All Marshall CavendishEducation materials are based on up-to-date, contemporary research, and as such, are widely adopted by schools in Singapore.

A holistic educational solution for all

Apart from the materials that are carefully developed by an in-house group of esteemed authors, subject experts and education consultants, Marshall CavendishEducation believes that knowledge must stay relevant and responsive to changing times.

This belief led to the birth of Marshall Cavendish Institute.

While the institute offers professional development course to educators, it also organises regular workshops for parents.

The aim of these workshops is to keep parents informed and updated about the current school syllabi, and equip them with strategies to help their children excel in crucial subjects, such as Mathematics and Science.

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Parents always seek the best for their kids

Parents only want the best for their children

As a parent, you want your child to succeed academically. Given this, you will always have questions related to your child’s education, such as:

  • What’s the best way for a particular subject to be taught?
  • How do I help my child improve in certain subjects?
  • How do I choose the appropriate resources (e.g. assessment books etc) for my child’s individual needs?

On the next page, meet Marshall CavendishEducation’s experts who can help answer all these questions and more pertaining to education in Singapore.

Meet the experts

Dr. Yeap Ban Har, Principal of Marshall CavendishInstitute

Ask the experts about Education and Curriculum in Singapore

Dr. Yeap, an established name in teacher professional development, is the Principal of Marshall CavendishInstitute. He has presented keynote lecturers at international conferences and written for many academic publications.

He spent ten years at the National Institute of Education (Singapore), where he taught a range of teacher education courses and was involved in several funded research projects in mathematics education. He continues to teach courses at various tertiary institutions in adjunct positions.

Dr. Yeap also sits on the Professional Advisory Council of NTUC First Campus, a major provider of early childhood education in Singapore, and the advisory board of several schools in Singapore and Asia.

A degree-holder of a Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, a Master of Education and a PhD in Mathematics Education, he serves as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School in Singapore.

Lee Knight, Head of Marshall CavendishInstitute

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Lee’s career began 16 years ago in Taiwan as a teacher, progressing to principal and owner of private schools.

Today, he is the Head of Marshall CavendishInstitute, managing all of the institute’s professional development programmes across the globe.

With his extensive teaching experience, Lee is able to provide professional development consultation to educators and has also been invited to regional events to share insights into the challenges that educators face.

Chitra Pillay Chua, Associate Lecturer at Marshall CavendishInstitute

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An English Language teacher for the past 16 years, Chitra holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching from the National Institute of Education (Singapore), a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National University of Singapore, and a Diploma in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

She is experienced in the development, implementation and evaluation of any English Language curriculum and programmes, being a former school’s Head of Department for the English Language.

Chitra is currently an associate lecturer and is focused on developing a customised Reading Comprehension Skills programme for under-performing students.

Michelle Choo, Author, Associate Lecturer at Marshall CavendishInstitute

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Michelle is an accomplished teacher with a heartfelt passion for sharing the art of learning.

With more than 25 years of teaching experience, she has successfully groomed President Scholars, Mathematics Olympiads Champions and children in the Gifted Education Programme.

She is also an established author who has penned close to a hundred Mathematics Textbooks, Assessment books, Teachers’ Guidebooks, PSLE Revision Guide books, online teaching and learning materials locally and internationally in the past two decades.

Some of these include “My Pals are Here! Maths”, “Shaping Maths, Maths Builders” and “Holistic Assessment Guides for Teachers”.

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