Married sex is the best sex

Married sex is the best sex

Married sex is more than just sex. It is an intimate connection binding husband and wife together. Discover here why sex in marriage is the best sex for couples.

Married sex

Married sex is more than just sex–it’s romance, intimacy and trust all round into one

That’s right–married sex is better than any other sex because married sex is about more than the physical act of intercourse. Married sex is about connection, commitment, unity and more. Old fashioned? Maybe. Right? Definitely.

There’s no doubt that there are more than a few readers who disagree–and that’s your prerogative. But if sex outside of marriage is so great, then why are there so many repercussions?

Why is married sex better?

Married sex is better sex for a number of reasons. As you read through this list, consider the alternatives or comparisons listed as well. Then tell me I’m old fashioned.

  1. It’s morally right. No matter what your religious convictions are, you would have to agree that society’s morals fall far short of where they were not all that many years ago.
  2. Married sex isn’t breaking up anyone’s marriage. You don’t have to worry about sneaking around or someone finding out. It’s okay.
  3. Sex makes babies and when it’s married sex, a child does not have to grow up possibly not knowing who his father is.
  4. Married sex is safe sex. If more people had been and were now concerned with keeping sex within a marriage, STD would stand for ‘sleep until dinner’.
  5. Married sex is better sex because there is an emotional attachment made prior to the act. How many young girls fall for the ‘you would if you loved me’ line only to end up broken-hearted, filled with self-doubt and self-loathing and a baby on the way?

The sexual revolution

Encouraging teens and young adults to wait for marriage before having sex used to be as normal as breathing for the majority of households. The rebellion of youth during the 60s and 70s changed all that, though.

This sexual revolution, as so many called it, brought a couple of generations who raised their children to not worry so much about saving themselves for marriage. Funny, though, when that all came about, there was a drastic rise in teen pregnancies, STDs, child abuse, divorce and disciplinary problems in the home and at school.

A new trend that isn’t really so new

Thankfully for society, a growing number of today’s teens are smarter than their parents and grandparents from the aspect of waiting to have sex. More and more of today’s teens have decided that if sex is really ‘all that’ and a bag of chips, then it’s worth saving for someone who is just as special–that person they chose to spend the rest of their life with.

Married sex is better sex no matter how you look at it. While it’s true it won’t always be as passionate and exciting as it is portrayed on television and the movies–well…is anything like it’s portrayed on television and the movies? Besides, it’s nice to not have to wonder if you were better than the last partner or if you looked good enough or because your relationship isn’t based on sex. It’s based on love.


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Darla Noble

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