Mariah Carey’s brother calls her a ‘witch’ for not helping dying sister

Mariah Carey’s brother calls her a ‘witch’ for not helping dying sister

The iconic singer's older brother threw some serious accusations at her in an emotional interview

‘Witch’ is probably the last thing one would associate with Mariah Carey. Diva, yes. But: witch?

In a recent interview with The Sun, the pop icon’s older brother, Morgan, claimed that her “diva-like antics” have caused the disintegration of their family.

He minced no words as he claimed that his sister, who has an estimated £350million fortune, refuses to pay for his dying sister’s hospital bills after numerous attempts on their part to reach out to her.

An emotional Morgan said that his “self-obsessed” younger sister “probably spends more on dog food than it would cost to make sure her sister gets properly cared for.”

But he seemed no longer surprised by his sister’s supposed indifference, calling it ‘typical’ behavior because Mariah believes the world revolves around her.

“Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you?” Morgan exclaimed. “You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

Morgan pleads with Mariah to “step up”

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photo: Mariah Carey instagram account

Their 54-year-old sister, Allison, is HIV positive. Last year, she was taken off the ventilator; they believed she was about to die but she made a miraculous recovery. She is currently waiting for brain and spine surgery.

He believes Mariah needs to “step up”.

Alison has been trying to reach out to Mariah numerous times but Morgan claims they never hear back from their younger sister.

Mariah has just kicked off her sold-out European tour in Glasgow.

She recently got engaged to 48-year-old Australian billionaire, James Packer and she has yet to air her side regarding her brother’s accusations.

Morgan and Mariah have not spoken in two-and-a-half years.

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