Man shoots himself after the birth of his child

Man shoots himself after the birth of his child

What would drive a new father to shoot himself after the birth of his child in front of his wife an hour after she gave birth?

shoots himself after the birth of his child Man shoots himself after the birth of his child.

Children signify hope and promise to many families, but this was sadly not the case for Texan father, Michael Nobles. The world was left in disbelief as the 32-year-old father shot himself in front of his wife, just an hour after she gave birth in Willowbrook Methodist Hospital – Houston.

The incident occurred in the maternity ward, where Nobles locked himself in the room with his wife and shot himself after the birth of his child. According to reports, there was no one else in the room with them at the time. The newborn baby was in the care of nursing staff and was thankfully unharmed. Kendra Nobles, Michael’s wife, albeit distraught, was also not injured in the shooting.

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shoots himself after the birth of his child Family members have said that Nobles was emotionally distressed prior to the incident.

Emotionally distraught prior to shooting

Witnesses at the scene reported overhearing what sounded like a heated argument shortly before the shots rang out. According to police reports, Nobles had been recently distraught, though it is yet unknown what triggered his final outburst. Family members confirmed the reports, stating that Michael was highly distressed for some time prior to his wife going into labour.

Nobles was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced dead. At first glance it might seem odd that he was not treated at Willowbrook. A spokesperson for the hospital where the incident took place, Alex Rodriguez, explained that Willowbrook is merely a level one trauma centre. Michael’s condition was of such severity that he had to be transferred to Memorial Hermann.

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On Kendra’s Facebook page, Michael can be seen lovingly embracing his wife as he smiles for the camera, seemingly happy. How did he become the new father who shoots himself after the birth of his child in front of his wife?

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shoots himself after the birth of his child The public blames the hospital's lax firearm security that led to the man's suicide.

Hospital to blame

Even though the hospital claims to have a strict “no firearms” policy, Nobles still managed to pull a pistol on himself. The public is now laying the blame squarely on the hospital’s doorstep. Patients are left questioning the effectiveness of Willowbrook hospital security, and feel that stricter security measures should have been enforced.

Willowbrook responded by calling the incident isolated. Public relations manager, George Kovacik told the press that there are many signs clearly visible throughout the facility, stating that the possession of a firearm on the property is prohibited by law. In addition, there are also security officers and armed off-duty police officers patrolling the facility 24/7. None of these precautions where enough to deter Michael from using a gun to take is own life.

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Baby left without father

The incident is heart-breaking for so many reasons. It is hard to imagine that there could be a father who shoots himself after the birth of his child, who could be so clearly depressed and distraught after witnessing the miracle of a baby coming into the world. This case clearly shows that a baby is not a magical cure to unresolved problems, especially for someone with a fragile state of mind.

The aftermath of his actions could affect the child later on in life, and one can’t help but wonder what will happen when the little one learns about the tragic event that followed so closely after his birth.  We can only hope that mother Kendra is receiving all the support she needs to heal from this traumatic ordeal.

If you are a parent of a new born or are about to become a parent, you will naturally feel some level of anxiety. If that anxiety gives way to thoughts of harming yourself or others, please seek help from your friends and family or call a SOS counselor from the Samaritans of Singapore at 1800 221 4444.

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