Man gets sacked for choosing wife-in-labour over work!

Man gets sacked for choosing wife-in-labour over work!

His fault was that he chose to start with his daddy duties as soon as mum went into labour. Unbelievable? Read on for the whole story.

When Lamar Austin chose to be by his wife’s side as she was about to give birth, little did he know that he would be soon jobless. As per this report, Lamar lost his job as he failed to report for his shift at work, and instead attended the birth of his son.

Shocking? Yes! But wait, it’s not all doom-n-gloom, as soon as the word spread about this incident, he was inundated with work offers from some kind people around.

Lamar who had not completed the three-month trial period as a part-time security guard, decided against going for his shift as his wife’s labour lasted for more than a day. In an insensitive turn of events, he got a text stating he was sacked from his job.

According to this report, based on the news published that came in a local paper, advocate Sara Persechino launched a campaign for the family. She said, “I don’t think they should have to be worrying about financial issues right now; it should be a joyful time for them.”

That got the ball rolling. Not only did he get support from the public, but before he new it he had three job offers, says this report. “Sometimes you lose something and you get something even better,” Lamar is reported to have said.

While my husband was all gung-ho about being by my side during labour, when the time came, he was being treated for acute conjunctivitis. Each time I bring up the topic and mention the missing-in-action husband, he turns different shades of red. Now if you are wondering what the most basic daddy duties for the D-Day would entail, here are some pointers:

Read up on the facts: Be as prepared as your wife is. Know what it means when the water breaks; understand terms like contractions and dilations, and when is it wise to go for an epidural or a C-section. Basically, be ready.

Be her mouthpiece: Although you may have discussed all relevant matters with each other and the doctor, when required, speak up for her, in her best interest. She may not be in the frame of mind to take the right decision.

Distract her: As someone who has been through labour on my own, how I wish I had my husband by my side to distract me of the ‘discomfort’. If nothing else, I could lose my temper at him, and he wouldn’t wince.

Be patient: What you wife is enduring is not something you can possibly think of. She may snap. She may cry. And you will feel a little less macho about being unable to control both the situations. But hey, you’ve got to be patient. Smile, for you are not going through labour pain. She is.

Absorb what your wife is going through: As your wife is in labour, watch her and try to understand the pain she is in. Once the baby is out, and she is ‘still snapping’, remember where it comes from.

At the end of it, all I can say is expect the unexpected. Each labour is different. Each mum-in-labour is different. The key is to stand by her side side and make her feel like it is a big deal that she is going through, for it IS a big deal.

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