Man murders wife and hides body: Know the signs of abuse

Man murders wife and hides body: Know the signs of abuse

He kept her body in a freezer for three months before turning himself in.

People do extreme things when it comes to money. But when a man kills his wife for money, you know it’s serious. One incident in China saw a man strangle his wife to death, before hiding her body in a freezer for over three months.

All for money.

Man kills wife for money in horrible plot to have affairs

man kills wife for money

Source: Screengrab/China Daily

According to Chinese local media, China Daily, the Shanghai resident Zhu Xiaodong, who is only 30, strangled his wife Yang Liping, who was also 30, to death at their home. 

The incident occurred after a series of quarrels in their Shanghai Hongkou District home in late 2017.

After he had strangled her, he then wrapped her body in a bed sheet, and then stuffed her into a freezer on his balcony for 105 days. 

He used her money for travel and affairs

man kills wife for money

Source: Pixabay

During the three months that his wife’s body remained in the freezer, Zhu used her money to travel and have affairs with various other women, according to The New Paper.

“He spent lavishly without restraint and showed no signs of remorse,” the court reported. 

Zhu also took over her social media accounts to prevent suspicion from arising. He pretended to be his wife while responding to messages from friends and family.

Man kills wife for money, turns himself in

man kills wife for money

Source: Pikwizard

It was only three months later that he decided to turn himself in. Zhu turned himself in to local authorities after his father-in-law invited the couple to his birthday dinner on the evening of Feb 1, 2018.

After Zhu’s arrest, the victim’s family called for premeditated murder, citing the fact that the freezer was bought two months before the murder.

Zhu denies that, claiming that the freezer was bought to store meat for his reptile pets. The court sentenced Zhu to death last Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

If you believe your husband is showing signs of abuse, don’t let it get to a point of no return. Act on it now.

Check your marriage for signs of abuse, now. Remember, emotional abuse is as bad as physical abuse. 

In Singapore, if you are the victim of abuse or you know someone who is, please call these hotlines for help without delay:

Aware: 1800-777-5555/ 67790282 (sexual assault care centre)

ComCare Call: 1800-222-0000

SOS (24 hours daily): 1800-221-4444

MSF Child Protective Service: 1800-777-0000

Tinkle Friend Helpline (for Child Abuse): 1800-274-4788

Care Corner Project StART: 6476 1482

PAVE: 6555 0390

TRANS SAFE Centre: 6449 9088


Reference: China Daily

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