Father jailed after being found guilty of harming step-son

Father jailed after being found guilty of harming step-son

It is important to take note of how we as parents discipline our children and not hurt them.

Kids often get into trouble and make mistakes, but how we deal with it is an important aspect of parenting.

A man was jailed for ill-treating his stepson. He was also found to have slapped his wife and 4-year-old stepdaughter.

The 36-year-old was displeased when his 7-year-old stepson stayed up past his bedtime. He then posed a series of mathematics questions to the boy and pinched his inner thighs for every time he got the answer wrong.

It ended with the child suffering from bruises on his inner thigh spread over the area half the size of an A4 piece of paper.

The man was jailed 6 months for 1 count of ill-treating the child under the Children and Young Persons Act, with 1 similar charge being taken into consideration as well.

The injuries were spotted when his teacher found heavy bruising on the boy after noticing that he had difficulty walking. The boy was taken to National University Hospital and found to have two large patches of bruises.

The hospital's Children Emergency Department then informed the police about the child abuse.

How do we effectively discipline our child?

As parents, we should focus on

  • Helping our children understand their wrong-doings
  • Requiring our children to acknowledge their mistakes
  • Helping our children understand that they need to ask forgiveness for their errors
  • Requiring our children to ask forgiveness
  • Requiring our children to make retribution for their mistakes
  • Teaching our children right from wrong and requiring them to act in such a manner
  • ‘Doling out’ consequences that fit the ‘crime’ — remember, the point of discipline is to teach our children

So parents, please take not to do the above instead of blindly punishing and hurting your child.

News source: The New Paper

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Written by

Paige Li

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