Man arrested for molesting a girl at a carnival after a video of the lewd act goes viral

Man arrested for molesting a girl at a carnival after a video of the lewd act goes viral

The man was caught on video molesting and fondling a 7-year-old girl, who was the daughter of a friend...

A man in Kedah, Malaysia was caught on video molesting a young girl. In the Malaysian viral video, the seven-year-old girl sits on the man’s lap as he kisses and fondles her chest and puts a hand up her skirt.

The video has been widely shared and child’s right advocates have requested social media users to stop sharing it, as in the original video, the girl’s face was not obscured to protect her identity.

Malaysian viral video leads to the arrest of child predator

malaysian viral video

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The man allegedly asked the girl’s mum if he could bring the child out for some food, reports Channel News Asia. Because he was a family friend, the mum obliged. The girl was brought back home two hours later. 

After stumbling across the video, the horrified mum recognised her own little girl. Furious, she reported the crime to the police. She then confronted the man, who reportedly apologised and tried to escape.

Authorities caught up with him and he was arrested on the afternoon of 22 January.

The Malaysian viral video sheds light on child sex abuse red flags all mums and dads should always remember!

malaysian viral video

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It’s heartbreaking to think that, in some cases, family friends or even our own relatives can’t be trusted with our kids, as proven by the Malaysian viral video. Just two weeks before the incident, a Malaysian man was caught trying to rape his three-year-old niece.

In fact, statistics show that a family member or friend is more likely to sexually abuse a child, rather than a complete stranger. 

As such, it always pays to be extremely cautious of who you leave your children alone with, even if your child is old enough to speak for themselves.

Abuse disempowers, and with the added stigma of sexual abuse, it is not always easy for victims to speak up about it.

Mums and dads, don’t ever forget to watch out for these warning signs in a family friend or relative, regardless of their gender:

1. A sexual abuser will make every effort to get your child alone

To “groom” a child, a predator must first “gain their trust.” Beware of any relative or family friend who insists on spending time alone with your kid, even if it’s just for just an hour or two. 

2. They often question your parenting ability

To assert their place in a child’s life, a sexual predator will often undermine your authority.

This is their own way of pushing you out of your child’s life, to make them feel more “likeable” in the eyes of the child.

3. They shower kids with lavish gifts

Being giving isn’t necessarily a telltale sign. This act becomes suspicious when a normally stingy relative or family friend suddenly buys your kid unreasonably expensive gifts.

Of course, you don’t have to confront them because of this. They could just be feeling extra generous. But it’s important not to allow your kids to be alone with them, just to be safe.

4. They are extremely affectionate, insisting on kissing and touching your child 

Yes, some relatives and family friends are just “showy” when it comes to affection. But a potential predator encroaches upon your child’s personal space.

They get “too close for comfort,” as they say. Observe how they look at your kid. Take note of every stray glance when they think no one’s looking. Trust your gut.

5. They take your kid without permission

Even if they just took them to a nearby park, it doesn’t matter. They led your kid out of their home without asking if they’re allowed to do so. This should already arouse suspicion. 

Remember: Sexual abusers strategically place themselves in the life of a child he or she is targeting in a way that seems safe and normal.

A predator often wants to isolate a child after they have gained the trust of their family to carry out their horrific plans.

Though these signs don’t always confirm someone is a sexual predator, it always helps to be extra careful, especially if your child is still too young to speak up.

Trust your gut, mums and dads, because your instincts are often correct. 

Sources: Child Lures Prevention, CNN, Channel News Asia

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