Playeum x theAsianparent: Encouraging Kids To 'Make Your Mark' Through Interactive Play

Playeum x theAsianparent: Encouraging Kids To 'Make Your Mark' Through Interactive Play

What a better way to celebrate Children's Day than with some good old arts and craft  – away from the distraction of mobile, ipads and laptops.

This Children’s Day we at theAsianparent brought our inner artist to life by taking part in arts and crafts filled event: Make Your Mark!
The fun-filled day which happened over the weekend of 4 – 5 October, gave kids and their families the platform to bond and enjoy a line-up of creative and art-based activities. 
The wide variety of activities not only brought different parenting communities together but also gave children an amazing opportunity to express their creativity at Playeum’s beautiful and holistic venue, with plenty of learning opportunities. 
As the name suggests, the event also encouraged children to literally make their mark at Playeum’s beautiful venue at Gillman Barracks. For instance, kids painted and decorated Shelley, Playeum’s resident elephant in all colours imaginable. 
make your mark

Kids and adults decorating Shelly the elephant! 🎨

Kids also enjoyed painting with their favourite colours over cascading bamboo branches at the Colour Rain Nature Sculpture. Once the paint was dried, the kids could paint over the branch once again! 

make your mark

Kids choosing their favourite colours to paint on the bamboo branches

Besides that, other activities included engaging workshops like Build Your Own Miniature Playground with Food Scraps by HaruPlate and Playeum’s very own Hands-On Exhibition I-Opener which features the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds inspired by the artistic designs and creations of four artists with a disability. 
Playeum x theAsianparent: Encouraging Kids To 'Make Your Mark' Through Interactive Play

Boy at SOLScape which inspired by the two-dimensional artwork of Sol Pickens, a young boy with autism |

Executive Director of Playeum Charlotte Goh said, “At Make Your Mark, children were given the opportunity to express themselves creatively with colour and mark-making. Through the process of mark-making, there was a tremendous amount of autonomy, self-regulation and self-awareness that might not be visible to the eye. Even if its as simple as allowing the child to choose a paint colour to start with or the spot they wanted to paint on, there is actually a lot of creative freedom, experimentation and self-expression that goes behind this process.”  
As a media partner to Playeum, we at theAsianparent set up our own booth for kids to do some colouring with a wide array of crayons and coloured markers. 
make your mark

Our own little cosy colouring corner at the event

We also had giveaways going on for parents to win a limited edition Discovery kit and backpack! All parents had to do was to download our awesome all-in-one parenting app and upload a picture of their little one onto our app’s photobooth feature.

make your mark

Our cute visitor to our booth posing with theAsianparent logo and plush toy 😍

Kids who visited our booth also learnt how to fold our blue and red logo with the help of our friendly staff! 
make your mark

Our staff demonstrating to kids how to fold our heart logo 💙❤️

We also had our iconic spin-the-wheel which caught the interest of many parents and kids. To win either sunglasses, pens, cookies or our most-coveted TAPPY plush toy, parents and kids used all their might to spin the wheel. 
make your mark

Our little guest trying his luck at our spinning wheel!

Many parents and kids we spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the event and loved the idea of celebrating children through arts and crafts. Parents also were thrilled to see their kids’ creativity expanded with the different activities. 
So thank you, parents and kids, for spending your Friday evening with us, we look forward to seeing you at our next event! 
We would also like to thank Playeum for organising this fab event and for collaborating with us. 
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Written by

Shreya Jagdish

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