Make your child like preschool!

Make your child like preschool!

Can't get your child to let go or stop screming that first day of school? Check out this guide on how to make them love preschool...

make your child like preschool Preschool is a big change in your child's life that he or she may reject at first.

Preschool is probably the first time your child will be away from home for a set number of hours on most or all weekdays. This is big change in any toddler's life and the significant shift can be the cause of countless tears and tantrums for those who prefer being at home or simply don't like school for some reason. Having to face a new environment and people he is not used to is quite a tall order for a little bub, who might also be missing you. While a little tears are expected during the first stages of separation anxiety, continual crying could affect your child's social and emotional development. Here are some ways you can make your child like preschool.

Getting to know you...

Most people whatever their age fear the unfamiliar. It is the same for your child who might be reluctant to go somewhere strange and new, especially if he doesn't have a choice about it! Thus it is important to orientate your child before he formally enters preschool. Take him for a casual visit to the school and show him around. Introduce him to the staff as well if you get the chance. You can also point out the school to him every time you walk or drive past it and make it a familiar part of his landscape. All this will help your him acclimatise on that first day and go some way to make your child like preschool.

make your child like preschool Make your child like preschool by making preparation for it exciting.

Make prep-time exciting

Before the start of the school year, get your child excited by involving him in the going-to-school preparations. Take him to the department store to pick out his schoolbag, stationery and lunch box. Let him choose some if not all of the items as this decision-making process will encourage a sense of ownership about the act of going to school.

Find out more tips on how to make your child like preschool...

make your child like preschool Getting him or her acquainted with fellow classmates will make your child like preschool better.

 Talk therapy

Kids can oftentimes feel apprehensive about entering a new environment, especially when they feel like they're forced to leave the sanctuary of home. Address these fears with your child head on and talk openly about the reasons he is going to preschool and the great experiences that await him there. Make the discussion fun and lighthearted! Also, reassure them that you or whoever's involved will be there to pick him up after school everyday and that he has the chance of new friends in school.

Extra-curricular activities

Another great way to make your child like preschool is by setting up playdates with a group of children his age. This requires extra effort and time from parents but playdates with fellow peers helps to acquaint your child with the concept of having friends and going to school. We believe this step is a highly effective way to make your child like preschool.

Did you find the above information useful? Do share with us other tips and tricks to make your child like preschool. You can also check out how these parents made their child's first day at preschool an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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