Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

The New Year is upon us and with all that talk on achieving resolutions; something should be done to get fit and healthy in 2013. What better suggestion than swimming your way to a healthy and active lifestyle. Make a positive splash this New Year with SwimChamps Kinesis. Here’s why…

Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

No time for extra activities?

We understand that every parent’s main aim is to have their kids score academically in school, which will undoubtedly lead to a better future. However, kids need extra-curricular activities to take their mind off books to avoid being burnt out. Swimming is an amazing stress-buster for both body and mind. It also helps develop and build your child’s muscle tone. Find some time and invest in the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your growing child.

Character building and creating that competitive streak

If you think that swimming only has physical benefits—think again! Aside from encouraging your child to develop a love for swimming, building a deeper sense of self-esteem, confidence and a life saving skill, the programme offered by SwimpChamps Kinesis encompasses character building and emotional development.

Programmes offered include Learn to Swim, SwimSafer and Competitive Swimming Programmes. The different programmes cater to varying levels and needs of the child. There is a suitable class for everybody.

Smaller classes for that extra attention

Your children will have extra attention during swim lessons as the class ratio is 1 coach to 8 students as opposed to other schools with 1 coach to 10 students. Smaller classes are important as the coach can focus on the progress of individual students.

Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

Passionate and experienced coaches

SwimChamps Kinesis has a panel of certified talented coaches that are equipped with the latest skills from Singapore Swimming Assciation (SSA), Singapore Sports Council (SSC), Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA) and Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS). They will be able to cater to your child’s every need. Their passionate swim coaches all have extensive experience in handling young children, the elderly as well as special needs.

Ms. Lim, a parent who sent her kids to SwimChamps, shared: “SwimChamps coaches are very firm yet very understanding towards my kids; every week, they can’t wait to hit the pool for their lessons. Thank you SwimChamps for helping my kids enjoy their swimming lessons.”

Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

More than just a swim school

SwimChamps Kinesis goes above and beyond the regular call of teaching kids how to swim. They donate part of the school fees to charitable organizations and are proud to be a Social Enterprise. After all, their main aim is to provide more opportunities for people to pick up swimming as a sport for life. They believe wholeheartedly in the virtue of inclusiveness and are the first swim school to offer lessons for young children, elderly and those with special needs.

As Mr John Tan, founder of the school says in his interview with the Straits Times, "It's a basic skill everybody should learn. We should be looking at inclusion - the abled, the disabled, the elderly, the less fortunate."

SwimChamps Kinesis believes your child is a potential champion

Every child has a chance to be a champion—give your child that chance.

“My daughters have changed many swimming schools and instructors many times over the last 2 years. But, after we switched to SwimChamps, they enjoy their lessons every week and I no longer have to search for a new instructor or school,” says a happy parent, Mr. Tay.

Paralympian Yip Pin Xiu, 20,Gold medalist for the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, the winner of the 2010 Singapore Youth Award and business partner for the school says, "Without swimming, I wouldn't be what I am today. There are things you don't pick up at school." Swimming is an essential skill to have and SwimChamps Kinesis is definitely the best place to start.

Swimming your way to success at SwimChamps Kinesis

For more information, visit their official website www.swimchamps.org or Facebook page to learn more www.facebook.com/swimchamps


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