Maid caught in a relationship with her employer

Maid caught in a relationship with her employer

A filipino maid gets caught being dishonest about her work status by officials!

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A maid cleaning.

Maid turned girlfriend

Recently, a Filipino woman was caught lying about her employment as a maid for a Singaporean man, when in reality she was tricking law enforcement officers so that she could live with her boyfriend without proper immigration papers. She only had a valid passport and work permit in her possession, which only allowed her to be employed as a maid in Singapore and nothing else.

However, when Ministry of Manpower entered the house she was working at, they found the employer and her both sharing a bed together. They also found pictures of the two framed on the walls of the home and their clothes drying together. Indeed, this quickly became a complicated case of a maid turned girlfriend.

Secret love

Ministry of Manpower discovered that she was illegally living in Singapore with a foreign-maid work permit. After hours of questioning her “employer” admitted that he employed her to be able to live with her as a live-in girlfriend, and not as a maid.

reliable maid

Working undercover

This isn’t the first time this sort of case has been uncovered. According to Asia one Forum, It turns out there have been four similar cases recently to the maid turned girlfriend situation. In one of the cases, a maid was given a clerical job at her employers’ company, which is illegal because she did not have the correct work permit to execute those tasks. Some employers even hired maids in their pubs and restaurants to work as staff instead of providing maid services.


More and more maids are using foreign-maid work permits to get hired in Singapore to actually carry out duties other than maid services. This, of course, is illegal. Taking up other jobs in disguise is nothing short of lying, cheating and fooling the government and its citizens. Anyone found to have fraudulently submitted false information to illegally obtain a work pass can be punished with a fine of up to $20,000 and/or a jail term of up to 24 months.

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