Maid boils baby to death

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We have all heard scary maid stories before but this maid boils baby case will shock you. Read on for the full story!

They say money is the root of all evil. In this particularly shocking case, money matters appear to have caused a Bulawayo maid to boil her employer’s three-month-old baby to death.

maid boils baby

Maid boils baby to death because  she allegedly failed to get her salary on time.

Maid boils baby: Why she did it

The maid, Nokuthula Nyathi, from Zimbabwe, reportedly carried out the cruel act of boiling the baby to death when she failed to get her salary on time.

Nokuthula confronted her employer about her salary two days after the day she was supposed to receive her pay. Her employer, Karen Dube, had promised to pay her by the end of the same week but did not hold up her end of the bargain.

maid boils baby

Was it really because of money?

However, Nokithula did not believe her words and committed the crime as an act of revenge by boiling the three-month-old baby in a container for an hour.

Some neighbours suggested that the main cause of the tragic incident was the turbulent relationship between the maid and the employer, and not the fact that the latter was unable to pay her helper.

Nokithula was allegedly caught stealing on several occasions and her employer tried to terminate her employment before but had been unsuccessful because Nokithula simply refused to resign.


Mum’s reaction after maid boils baby

After boiling the baby, Nokithula packed up her belongings and left. When Karen Dube returned home, she collapsed in shock and grief upon discovering her baby in the container. Karen Dube was unconscious and found lying on the floor by her neighbour.

The maid was arrested the next day and was charged with murder and then held in custody.

Learning points from the maid boils baby case

Although this maid boils baby incident happened overseas, there is a very real possibility of similar situations happening in Singapore. Horror stories about maids abusing children are nothing new in Singapore.

Here are some tips to help lessen the likelihood of a similar situation striking in your household:

1. Build a good relationship with your maid.

Your maid is less likely to abuse your child if they enjoy a good relationship with your family.

2. Trust your instincts

If your maid gives you the creeps, be cautious of her. If you are really worried, bring the issue up to the maid agency and see if you can replace your current helper.

maid boils baby

Make sure to choose your maid wisely.

3. Choose wisely

Always hire a maid from a reputable agency. It will be advisable to get references from the maid agency about a potential maid.

4. Listen

If someone reports to any disturbing behaviour related to your maid, do not dismiss them. Try to investigate and verify the credibility of the claims.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask

If it is possible, ask your friends for recommendations of good maid agencies.