Maid arrested after posting Facebook video of naked young children in shower

Maid arrested after posting Facebook video of naked young children in shower

The video was 17 minutes long and has since been taken down from Facebook.

An Indonesian maid has been arrested after uploading a video on Facebook which showed her giving a shower to her employer’s three children, reports Channel NewsAsia. 

The children aged around seven, were naked as seen in the 17-minute-long video, and the helper is being investigated by the police for publishing child pornography. 

The video was uploaded last Friday (December 1), and has since been taken down. The incident took place in Hong Kong. 

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that one of the kids is seen in the video asking “whether the helper was taking a video and telling her not to, but the helper refused to stop”.

The importance of laying down strict house rules for maids

As parents, we are well aware of the huge risks of posting even basic information about children online. A video of naked child streamed live is just asking for trouble.

Parents know this, but a maid might not. 

In fact, Hong Kong Employment Agencies Association chairman Cheung Kit-man is quoted by SCMP as saying in this particular incident, the domestic worker might not have known that she was breaking the law.

He also said “before starting work, domestic workers typically receive training from their agents and would usually be briefed on the dos and don’ts of working in a household, including boundaries on taking videos or photos of children.”

Maid arrested

Maid arrested: By laying down house rules for your maid right from the start, you can prevent a lot of misunderstanding.

House rules for maids: Keep these in mind

It’s so important that your maid is aware of your house rules right from day she starts working for you. Do think about the following: 

  • Make a list: Before your maid starts work with you, draw up a list with your spouse, of what you expect her to do. This could include her duties, your expectations of her performance etc. Be as detailed as possible and duplicate the list for her. Hand it over to her on day one and go over it with her. 
  • Your house, your rules: Be very firm about what she can and cannot do while in your home. For e.g. what is your stance on mobile phones? Inviting her friends over? Taking pictures of your child? Think through these and other matters very carefully, and then be very clear with your helper about what you will and will not tolerate. 
  • Respect her privacy: Give her personal space and don’t pry through her letters, diary or text messages (unless you have a good enough reason to do so). Encourage her to come to you if she has an issue or problem. 
  • CCTV: While installing cameras or not is completely your decision, it’s best to let your maid know that you have CCTV (and why).

Reference: Channel NewsAsia; Image: screengrab, CNA. 

What are your house rules for your maid like? 

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