That MAGIC in Our Parenthood Journey

That MAGIC in Our Parenthood Journey

Sometimes, all we need is a little magic in our lives. This "magic" in fact, plays an important role in the lives of parents.

The interesting parts? There's no need for careful application during use, it is odourless and colourless, and it works!

Nope, it's not a tub of beauty potion for flawless baby smooth skin!

In fact, parents can forget about dealing with pots of messiness or recoil in fear, because the "magic' is in fact found in........DIAPERS!

Yup, you read right.

And, it plays such a crucial role despite being hidden in those diapers while working hard at absorbing pee and poop to keep little bums free of irritation and wetness.

So, what exactly is so special about the magic gel in the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants?

Pampers - hooting post

As we know, diapers are functionally built, and in between an engineered products versus user experiences (in this case, children's delicate bums), a product continually improves to grow with the needs of its users.

We put these diapers to the test, and our little tester, wore them for a week during the day and night. As you might already know, Vera used to have eczema for a long time, and some diapers just don't cut it for her, thanks to her discerning skin.

After she started school, we did a switch of diapers thinking she had outgrown her sensitive skin, but she returned home with a red, angry bum for a period. It wasn't difficult to narrow down the causes: the new diapers were not suitable for her, and/or, her diaper was not changed often enough in school. And since then, we've learned not to be penny wise pound foolish either.

Most brands understand that leakage is a major concern for parents, as with sensitive bums. But what about the poofy, heavy diaper when it gets full?

That's where the M.A.G.I.C. really is!

A fully loaded diaper which was brewing overnight as little V slept left us pleasantly surprised that it didn't look all that heavy, and she didn't complain much either!

What is this Magic?

The magic is in the gel, which is a powder-like substance which absorbs liquids and expands. Unlike other brands which use thick wads of cotton or other fibres, Pampers Baby Dry Pants combines the technology of Magic Gel and the comfort factor to offer a superior diaper to little bums.

So, what exactly is Magic Gel?

That was the question that came to my mind too.

Having been in the skincare industry for a good part of my career, I was a mix of curious and skeptical about this "magic gel", what exactly it was made of, and how it really works.

So I did a little research to find out, and here are some interesting facts about the magic gel:

  • They are known as "hydrogels" and its chemical name is Sodium Polyacrylate.
  • Non-toxic, man-made salt which turns into a solidified gel when water is added
  • Absorbs as much as 200-300 times its mass in water, and becomes fluffy.
  • Commonly used in daily items such as disposable diapers, sanitary napkins and surgical sponges

Interesting to say the least! Guess that's how Science and Technology get weaved into our lives, right?

Putting the Pampers Baby Dry Pants to the test

This intriguing formula sounds too good to be true - but we wouldn't take it at face value and had to experience it for ourselves.

pampers - hooting post

As users of Pampers tape diapers as well as several other brands now that we have two young bubs, it was difficult not to make comparisons.

Comparing with Leroy's diapers

In addition to keeping little V's baby skin dry by having moisture wicked away by the magic gel, the diapers were (un)consciously pitted with other brands.

When we compared her overnight diaper with Leroy's (who is using another brand), we discovered that on some mornings, Leroy would have fragments of white cotton bits on his privates.

And yes, that's because he sleeps with a single diaper through the night so the dampness caused the material fibres to stick onto his skin. While this has happened to him, it has not occurred with Vera as she dons the Pampers Baby Dry Pants - phew! Glad that despite the thin diaper, its holding power has been impressive, and so is the material.

Comparing with Pampers Tape Diapers


If you lay your hands on the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants for the first time, you'll be astonished with how soft it feels. V went through cartons of their tape diapers (read it here) when she was younger, and although it was soft and not as thick as others, it wasn't this soft. To our amazement, there was also a strange "plastiky" smell when the diapers came into contact with pee.

Thankfully, the Pampers Baby Dry Pants weren't stinky! I must say that these new diaper pants are as soft-to-touch, as those Japanese brands which are considered premium ones. And, so we discovered that these Pampers Baby Dry Pants were manufactured in Japan -the quality speaks for itself indeed!

In addition, the local versions that we have are the same as the ones available in Japan too! With the Japanese known to have high expectations when it comes to quality, it's heartening to know that these diapers rank highly amongst Japanese mums too!

It's so much fun with a toddler now that she is able to communicate what's happening. If it's time for a diaper change, V would report, "My diaper is wet. I pee pee."

But of course, we do get some false alarms too, so, it's always wise to check on the diaper before tearing and removing them! Well, I've since learned my lesson not to take her word for it sometimes! LOL!


Diaper indicators make it easy to tell if the diaper is due for a change. No more butt-sniffing!

Comparing with another brand

While there may be false alarms, there have also been instances where we caught a wet diaper (of another brand) a little too late. And guess what happened next?

Mama was carrying her, and my arm that was holding her weight by the bum squashed that soaked diaper, and the next thing I felt was liquid trickling down my legs. I actually thought I had wet myself! Yikes. Thankfully, we were at home, so we quickly mopped the mess and cleaned both ourselves. And yes, that particular diaper isn't my favourite to use. It's thick even before using, and what more when it's full?!

However, despite being absorbent, it seems that the waistband area of the Pampers Baby Dry Pant poses occasional discomfort for little V. While the material is softer than the current one she has been using, it led to some itch and redness which we only discovered when she said, "Mummy, it's itchy." and she tugged at it during the day.

In the morning, she wakes with a wet diaper and some redness was observed around her waist area too. Thankfully, it didn't lead to rashes or anything more serious.

Our verdict

Happy to report that an entire pack of the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants has been used - no diaper rashes to-date! Best of all, no leaks were reported too. Double YAY-ness!

Our little energizer bunny is happy to be prancing around, crawling, dancing, rolling and playing with her little brother. As a mum, seeing these happy faces chases a dull day away instantly.

With a comfortably soft diaper that caresses a child's bum without being too tight for comfort, it allows her to stay dry and smiley without being bogged down by an icky soiled diaper.

At S$22.90 for 36pcs (for size XL), it's a tad higher than average. But then again, due to the size Vera is on (where did my baby go?!?), the pack count naturally decreases and causes the unit price to increase.

One key thing to note though that every child's skin is different. Like any other new introduction (such as food or a new shampoo) for your child, do let him/her try the new diapers on for more than a few days as a suitability test. Parenthood takes a fair bit of trial and error (I'm sure you already know that!), and it's pretty much the same with diapers too.

The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants are available in the following pack sizes:
Size M (7-12kg): 46pcs, $18.90
Size L (9-14kg): 42pcs, $22.90
Size XL(12-17kg): 36pcs, $22.90
Size XXL (15-25kg): 28pcs, $22.90

With a brand name that is synonymous with a product, it pretty much escalates parents' expectations especially with so many brands available. Glad to experience the difference for ourselves with the improvements from their tape diapers to their diaper pants!

Are you ready for some MAGIC in your parenthood journey too? :)


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Written by

Cindy Gan

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