Naomi’s Post-Partum journey into TCM with Madam Partum

Naomi’s Post-Partum journey into TCM with Madam Partum

In this heartfelt and honest piece, social media influencer and first-time mum, Naomi Neo, charts her journey of falling in love with TCM practices and how it helped her recover after her delivery.

Hi there, I'm Naomi, better known as Naomi Neo and I'm 22 this year. I was 15 when I first started my career in social media and have always loved sharing my personal thoughts and life with the public. I've also never been afraid of expressing my views and opinions on different issues when needed. People often tell me that they follow me on social media because of how they share my sentiments.

I gave birth to my first baby on the 25th of June this year.

I thought that traditional practices were just based on myths…

Before I gave birth, I honestly thought I could go back to work as soon as I was discharged from the hospital and even planned on resuming my daily activities right away. I'm a very active person and I felt like it was impossible for me to keep up with the one month confinement, thinking it wasn’t necessary and all the traditional practices were just based on myths. 

One my biggest concerns was…

I guess my biggest concern was not being able to do a normal delivery, as I was told by my doctor that my baby was pretty big for my small frame. To me, going through a caesarean would mean that recovery was going to take longer and that would get in the way of my usual lifestyle.

madam partum

And then I found Madam Partum

I first heard of Madam Partum, a respected name in specialising in the TCM postnatal massage field, around the 7th month of my pregnancy.  At that time, I started having severe backaches and my legs were beginning to swell. Since regular massages aren’t suitable for pregnant women, I decided to try out pre-natal massage and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

To be honest, I was never someone who enjoyed massages... Well, at least not until I was pregnant haha. Constantly finding ways to relieve those backaches and the bloating from the water retention became one of my daily tasks. After I started my treatment with Madam Partum, I started to understand my body a lot better, thanks to my therapist. She patiently answers my endless questions each session, explaining to me how things work and that's how I started to believe in TCM – when I saw results!

I opted for full body massage with Madam Partum. I also went for breast massage to help clear my blocked ducts and tummy trimming! I did a few sessions before my delivery.

Were the first 6 weeks after delivery crucial?

Initially no, but as soon as I started experiencing pains and fatigue, I realised how important it is to give your body time to recuperate. Rest rest rest. "Just be a queen!" or "Sleep when your baby's sleeping!" like they say. This period is also the time you try your best to establish a good milk supply by eating healthily and resting whenever time permits. 

Naomi’s Post-Partum journey into TCM with Madam Partum

Madam Partum was amazing…

Madam Partum’s services are amazing. I think what I love most about them is how patient and helpful my therapist was. As a first-time mom, there are many things that I was uncertain about. She never failed to help me out when I was in need of advice. And as someone who had to repeatedly deal with blocked ducts and recurring mastitis, she was extremely encouraging – helping me through the ordeal instead of giving up on me or asking me to give up. That was something I really appreciated.

I must say that I am very happy and satisfied with Madam Partum’s services.I took their confinement products and am still having weekly massages till now, three months postpartum.

So, mums and mums-to-be, next time you are looking for TCM pre- and post-delivery services, you know where to look.


Naomi Neo


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Postnatal Massage 

The Chinese believe that when women give birth, there is a great amount of blood loss and dysfunction of various channels in their body. These may result in various illnesses later in life. 

In TCM postnatal therapy, the state of the woman is assessed and treated through a combination of massage, herbal medicine and lifestyle management that is believed to put them on the road to recovery both physically and mentally.  Tui Na massage is used. (This is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy used together with acupuncture, fire cupping and Chinese herbs among others. ) *acupuncture, fire cupping are not used for postpartum.

Tui Na is a hands-on body treatment that uses ancient Chinese medical techniques that have withstood the test of time. TCM postnatal massage works on the full body. It includes pushing up the uterus, getting rid of water retention and relieving wind. The massage also works on the meridian lines and acupoints to improve the efficiency of the treatment with better energy flow that speeds up recovery. 

Madam Partum believes that proper pre- and post-partum TCM care can help the new mother recuperate better, and faster.

Under their Complete Recuperation programme, the stages of recovery are as below:

Stage 1 Womb recovery

Reduces blood stasis and lochia, uterus healing.

Stage 2 Qi and Blood replenishment

Encourages healthy milk supply, resolving engorgement and other lactation-related issues.

Stage 3 Regain Vitality 

Strengthens immunity and promotes slimming. Reduces wind, water retention and addresses those body aches and pains that one can experience postpartum.

Madam Partum: package details

  • Contact numbers: 8166 0060/8166 0070 (whatsapp) 62 933 933 (hotline)
  • Customisation: Sessions customised to your needs and concerns to address lactation issues, musculoskeletal complains and to promote slimming.
  • Pricing of 60 mins PostPartum massage treatment:
    • 1 session of $96.30
    • 7 sessions $636.65
    • 10 sessions $856
    • 14 sessions $1123.50
  • Provides complete TCM care from Pre- to Post-Partum meridian massages, to 28-Day Herbal Treatments: Herbal soups for $258; Herbal teas for $138, and Herbal Baths for $78.
  • It has close to 50 years of expertise under Chien Chi Tow Healthcare, with 10 outlets islandwide. Home services are available with an additional costs of $32.10 per trip, inclusive of a portable massage bed, complimentary towels and oils. 

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