Luxurious accommodation for long-term guests at Oasia Residence, Singapore

Luxurious accommodation for long-term guests at Oasia Residence, Singapore

Set your long-term guests up in the luxurious Oasia Residence, Singapore where they’ll enjoy a range of world-class amenities.

It is always lovely to have guests come and visit Singapore, but these visits can become stressful if long-term guests stay in your home with you and your family. Instead of getting frustrated with your mother-in-law always being in the shower at the exact time you’re trying to get ready for work or your sister’s kids leaving toys strewn across your living room, look into putting them up at a serviced apartment during their visit.

oasia residence serviced apartments

Over the last few years, both the business and leisure travel industries have seen an incredible rise in the popularity of alternative accommodation options as travellers demand access to more and more amenities. While services such as AirBnB provide vacation accommodations that include kitchen facilities, many travellers are finding that they can be a bit impersonal.

Guests at a serviced apartment get the best of both worlds. Serviced apartments have all the amenities you expect to find in a condo but are additionally supplemented with hotel services like housekeeping and complimentary breakfasts.

oasia residence serviced apartments

Oasia Residence, Singapore

Oasia Residence, Singapore is located along Singapore’s west coast. This idyllic location means that visitors can look forward to relaxing strolls through West Coast Park.  More active guests will want to take advantage of the multiple bike-sharing programmes and hiking trails to explore further areas of the island. At the same time, visitors who are in Singapore for work will appreciate that it’s less than 10 minutes to some of the major business parks and just a 20-minute drive to Singapore’s Central Business District.


Refresh, Recharge and Refuel at Oasia Residence, Singapore

Oasia Residence, Singapore knows how difficult it can be to maintain your health while you’re on the road which is why they place such emphasis on their three pillars – Refresh, Recharge, Refuel.

After a full day of work or sight-seeing, guests at Oasia Residence, Singapore can Refresh by lounging at the Sea Mist Spa Pool, getting pampered at the spa pavilion or sweating it out in the sauna.

oasia residence serviced apartments

Recharge on your own time at the 24-hour gym or try other exercise options such as the rooftop tennis court and the Aqua Gym, a fitness trend that has quickly gained popularity in Singapore’s equatorial heat.

When you need a quick snack and don’t want to get the whole family ready to go out, head to The Living Room and Refuel easily and quickly at The Living Room with 24-hour complimentary self-service coffee, tea and light snacks.

Guests at Oasia Residence, Singapore can even host events for their family members or colleagues during their stay by taking advantage of the buildings barbeque pits and function deck. Reserving these areas is as simple as speaking to the concierge service.

oasia residence serviced apartments

Choose from the studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments to meet the needs of your family. The units have been designed with a full kitchenette, washer and dryer facilities and WIFI. With access to these conveniences, guests will quickly feel that Oasia Residence, Singapore is just like their home away from home.

The Oasia Residence, Singapore has a minimum stay of 7 nights and they offer long stay rates for monthly stays. 
Visit the Oasia Residence, Singapore for more information on their facilities and for booking enquiries. 

Contact Details for Oasia Residence, Singapore

Address: 123 West Coast Crescent, Singapore 126779

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +65 6664 3341


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