Low and soft cervix

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Dr Ann Tan answers a readers question about her low and soft cervix after giving birth.

Before I got pregnant we used to check my cervix to see when I was ovulating. Now I have a three month old. We are also having intercourse again, we are using protection and checking my cervix (just incase) and for the past 7 days it has been low soft and open.

Before we had our first baby, we used to chart cervical position and my cervix would always get low soft and open and I would start my period within 2 days of that happening. So what I am asking is why would my cervix be low, soft, and open for 7 days?

Dr Ann Tan: I assume you had a vaginal delivery during which the cervix dilated fully and even though you are three months post natal- the cervix may not be entirely in its prepregnant state and may never be totally like it was before. It is usually slightly softer and more open (externally only) so monitor your cervix for a few months to understand its new pattern before you use it as a birth control method.

There are other methods which you may consider for monitoring your cervix namely the use of ovulation test kits.

Answered by

Dr Ann Tan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Women & Fetal Centre,

A member of Pacific Healthcare

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