Low IQ Singapore man suffers brain damage after alleged assault, family seeks help

Low IQ Singapore man suffers brain damage after alleged assault, family seeks help

A low IQ Singapore man was allegedly assaulted at a coffee shop. The incident has left him with permanent brain damage...

We just came across this really sad story, and felt we had to share it here. It is about a low IQ Singapore man who was allegedly assaulted at a coffee shop. The incident has left him with permanent brain damage.

His family has made a police report, and are now seeking eye witnesses…

Low IQ Singapore man allegedly assaulted

Niece Kelly Ru Yi Wee recently made a heartfelt plea on Facebook. She wrote, “My family and I hope to seek for eye witnesses for the following incident…”

The incident allegedly happened on 24 Jan 2018 at 279 Seng Kang East Avenue, Compassvale Ancilla, S540279 around late morning to early afternoon. The location was the coffee shop beside NTUC.

The family received a call, “My Grandmother received a call from the coffee shop Aunty that my Uncle was lying on the floor motionless…”

The grandmother went down to check immediately, “By then, my Uncle was found sitting at a corner against a wall, not looking very well.”

“My Grandmother asked around to check what had happened but everyone shared that they didn’t know anything.”

low IQ Singapore


And then the coffee shop owner turned up and demanded that the grandmother send her son to IMH. He apparently said that Kelly’s uncle had been annoying him everyday for getting a job at the coffee shop.

It seems, the uncle, Ah Peng, had worked for a while with the previous coffee shop owner. Kelly also tells us that though her uncle has low IQ since the age of 9, he has always been harmless. He is also very popular and well-liked in the area.

Rushed to hospital

The grandmother brought Ah Peng home, but he continued to be unwell. Soon, “My Uncle started to vomit blood and blood also started to flow out from his nose.”

“At 6pm, my Grandmother brought him down to the clinic, the doctor said that it was serious and need to be send to the hospital immediately.”

“The hospital doctor said that it was a huge impact that hit his back of the head. He was admitted that night to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital on 24th Jan 2018.”

At first, the family assumed that Ah Peng had had a nasty fall which had left him with internal injuries. But 2 days later, there were startled by some revelations.

Neighbours reveal of assault

On 26 Jan, the family received some shocking news. Kelly writes, “We received 3 phone calls from the neighbours and even a shop nearby whom my grandmother knows personally. They have heard people at the coffee shop talking about the incident – which reveals that my Uncle was assaulted by someone…”

“What was told to us was that he was assaulted, and fell backwards…”

Kelly and family made a police report the very same day.

She has now appealed for witnesses to come forward to assist with investigations. She pleads, “To the eye witnesses, I know it’s hard on you but please remember that this is Singapore; your safety and identity will not be compromised.”

Meanwhile, her uncle Ah Peng’s condition now is shocking.

Ah Peng permanently brain damaged

It’s really sad to know about Ah Peng’s current condition. Kelly reveals, “He has now suffered a permanent brain damage, with his skull crack, and internal brain bleeding. The doctor said that it was a huge impact on the back of his brain that caused this.”

low IQ Singapore man


The incident has left him scarred for life. “Even when he is discharged in the future, his life would be permanently changed – be it mobility, lifestyle and the ability to speak.”

“His way of lifestyle would change forever. He would require help with daily chores like eating, moving around, bathing and have to be on pampers.”

Ah Peng’s mother is 78 already and it breaks Kelly’s heart to see her state now. “Seeing her upset, not being able to eat, sleep, feeling giddy and losing her balance while walking sometimes – breaks my heart.” 

“No one deserves this. A Low IQ person’s life is still a life and he does not deserve this at all. No one has any right to treat someone vulnerable like this.”

“I know that my Uncle’s life will never be the same again. But the least we could do is to find out the truth…justice should be served.”

low IQ Singapore man


We at theAsianparent really feel bad about this incident. These photos of Ah Peng before and after the incident are truly heart-breaking. May the truth triumph.

Here is Kelly’s full post:

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