Lorna Whiston bilingual pre-schools – helping your children become true World citizens

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Find out how you can help set a solid foundation in quality bilingual education for your kids. The bilingual preschool in Singapore might just be your school of choice.

bilingual preschools in Singapore

Where can you find bilingual preschools in Singapore that provide a solid foundation in bilingualism for your child? Read this article to find out!

“If you are bilingual, you have binocular vision, then you see the world in 3-D”Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore’s founding father the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was certainly speaking with his legendary far-sightedness when he spoke of the benefits of bilingualism in a speech in Parliament in 1977.

In Singapore, bilingualism has been acknowledged for its ability to “bridge the gap between East and West and enable our people to be highly mobile in the globalised world.”

Parents today understand the need for their children to learn more than one language to be true World citizens some day. According to language experts, teaching a child a second language at a young age is advantageous because it imparts:

  • A positive effect on intellectual growth
  • More flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening
  • Greater communication options with a wide range of people
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • A career head-start because knowing another language is a real advantage in many jobs
lorna whiston bilingual preschools in Singapore

Lorna Whiston bilingual pre-schools can help your child become a confident bilingual communicator.

These benefits of bilingualism have been understood and embraced by Lorna Whiston Schools for many years.

You may know Lorna Whiston as one of Singapore’s top providers of quality English language enrichment programmes. However, they also run two bilingual preschools in Singapore — the Raintree Cove and Winchester facilities — that offer superlative bilingual education.

Raintree Cove Principal Joy Yeo and Winchester Principal Lynn Lin speak about their school’s bilingual environment and education on the next page.

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