LOOK: The viral ultrasound photo that's set to top the 'Find the Panda' craze

LOOK: The viral ultrasound photo that's set to top the 'Find the Panda' craze

Some say it's a demon while some say it's a mermaid. What do you see?

Social media has been practically obsessed with visual puzzles in the tradition of beloved childhood game 'Where's Waldo?' This includes something called "Find the Panda."

First, we were asked to find the kitten in this parliament of owls (hint: it's all in the nose).

find the cat

Then, Christmas came around and then finding the sole panda in a mob of snowmen became the latest viral photo.


But then Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit cinemas and the Panda got lost in an army of first order loyalists.

find the panda 2

And now, we're being asked to find a demon? Or is it a mermaid?

Well, this we know for sure: this isn't an ultrasound photo we'd like to see taped to our fridge, especially when we go grab a midnight snack.

The photo posted on imgur was filed under the Creepy category on Reddit has garnered over a million views.

In the photo, posted by a friend of the expectant mom, we see a fetus safely cocooned inside his mother's uterus. But wait, what's that hovering on the right side of the photo?

Our eyes could easily be playing tricks on us. But people are freaking out over this supposed eerie mystery.

Most people claim to see a scary demon which could either be frowning or smiling. Others see a goddess or a mermaid.

What do you see?

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