LOOK: Dashing dad David Beckham totally charms Queen Elizabeth

LOOK: Dashing dad David Beckham totally charms Queen Elizabeth

Not a lot of people can say they've made her Royal Majesty grin from ear to ear. Well, not unless you're the handsome David Beckham

It’s hard not to love David Beckham. The doting dad and legendary athlete doesn’t really have to do much to charm the socks off of anyone.

The latest woman to fall under his spell is none other than one of the most powerful (and most adorable) women herself, Queen Elizabeth II.

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

Beckham was privileged to be invited to an event at Buckingham Palace honouring young people, from the queen’s Young Leaders program, who have given exemplary contributions to fields such as HIV and sexual health education and micro-finance.

Though she proudly oversaw the giving of awards and recognitions, it seems that the charming Beckham totally stole the Queen’s eye.

We’re sure her husband of 69 years, Prince Philip, wouldn’t mind that the Queen had eyes for only one man that night.

Beckham himself was starstruck too, of course. “Just being here, it gives me goose bumps just driving through the gate,” Beckham told reporters. “I’ve been here a couple of times now, and every time it is very special.”

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“After the school pick up today I was talking to [4-year-old daughter] Harper and I was like, ‘I’m going to see the Queen.’ She was like, ‘Okay, but do you think she will be drinking tea?’ So she was very inquisitive. I am so proud to be here,” recounted the charming dad.

David Beckham wasn’t the only dashing Brit to grace the event. Prince Harry also addressed reporters, heaping praise upon his grandmother the Queen.

“I have been extremely fortunate to meet many exceptional people over the years, but none more so than Her Majesty The Queen,” he said, honouring the young awardees. “I, like millions of others across the world, have been able to look to her for inspiration and guidance.”

photo: Queen's Young Leaders website

photo: Queen’s Young Leaders website

‘The Queen, who assumed the challenge of leadership at such a young age, has shown us all the importance of selfless commitment and service,” he continued. “She is the example I aspire to and the standard by which I will judge my contribution.”

The 30-year-old prince also recounted his experiences in Johannesburg with three of last year’s leaders.

“I watched as they shared their stories,” he shared. “I could see in the faces of the students as they sat listening, that aspirations were being unlocked and new goals were being set right in front of our eyes.”

Beckham commended the young achievers being honoured that night, sharing how his own kids could look up to them.

“It’s so nice to see these young men and women come here that are so passionate about what they want to do in life, their dreams, it’s just something that’s so special to them,” said the sports icon in his speech.

“The excitement in the palace was really incredible. It’s amazing they get to meet Her Majesty and the chance to experience something like this,” he added. “The Queen’s Young Leaders award recognises what you have achieved, not for yourselves, but for your communities, for your peers, and for those less fortunate.”

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