Lol: Girl eats chocolate-themed makeup; wears the evidence

Lol: Girl eats chocolate-themed makeup; wears the evidence

This adorable little girl mistook chocolate-themed eye shadow for chocolate! Check out the hilarious viral post here!

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, right? How could you not?

The universal love for chocolate is probably the main reason why so many companies create chocolate themed products and novelties. I mean, there're even chocolate diamonds, for goodness sake!

It's no wonder why Too Faced Cosmetics  thought it would be a good idea to release a chocolate themed eye shadow palette called Chocolate Bar. And while they probably intended on making women's eyes more deliciously appealing, they definitely didn't intend their product to be eaten.

Unfortunately, no one relayed that message to Lauren Rincon's 1-year-old niece, Kaitlyn!

In a recent post to her Twitter account, Rincon shared a hilarious image of a pseudo-confectionary disaster:


Apparently, the enticing aesthetic and aroma of Too Faced's product made it irresistible to little Kaitlyn!

Have no worries, parents! Kaitlyn is totally okay and suffered no sickness or anything of the sorts. Lauren Rincon took the time to confirm her niece's condition in a later tweet"Too Faced let me know that there isnt any harmful ingredients but we'll definitely take her to the doctors if she shows any signs of sickness. So yes I do care about my niece y'all chill."

While Kaitlyn is well and good, her little heart was probably broken when she tried eating the eye shadow, only to find out that it was nowhere near as tasty as she'd hoped.

This culinary/cosmetic mishap is pretty adorable, but it did offer a valuable lesson to the 1-year-old: if you're going to try to do something naughty, hide the evidence--don't wear it!

Learn more about this hilarious story, and Lauren Rincon's viral post by visiting page two for more!

After the hysterical mishap, Lauren worked diligently to try to repair the damage to her eye shadow palette. Believe it or not, she was surprisingly able to salvage some of the collection:



Apparently, the palette's featured colors have names like Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cordial and Champagne Truffle. Not to mention that the product is infused with actual hints of coca powder! It's no wonder little Kaitlyn made the mistake of taste testing the beauty product!

Everyone's got a favorite type of chocolate. There's milk, dark, white, bittersweet, etc. After this little incident, there's one thing that's certain: Kaitlyn's favorite kind type of chocolate is not eye shadow!


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